VIZIO 50" 1080p LCD HDTV

by wootbot

Can Buy Me Love

This is it. You made it. You finally found the one purchase that will actually make you feel fulfilled as a human being.

Everybody just kinda goes along with the whole "you can't buy happiness" thing. We like to think it reveals some fundamental truth about the human condition, tells a reassuring story about the intrinsic value of the human spirit. Turns out we just think that because most of us don't own VIZIO 50" HDTVs.

We know: you've swiped that card so many times before, felt the heady rush of acquisitive neurons firing, only to be left hollow and disillusioned days or hours or minutes later. But believe us, this is the one. This is the purchase that finally does it. We'd describe the feeling to you if we could. But words aren't made for this.

The birth of your child? The joyous capering of dolphins in the surf? A crystalline dawn breaking over a dewy Alpine meadow? None of those fleeting amusements will fill that void inside - unless you're watching them in 1080p with a 100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Once you've bought this VIZIO 50" TV, you can stop chasing happiness by buying things - at least until we roll out tomorrow's deals.