VIZIO LED Smart TV of Your Choice!

by wootbot

Is This The Little Screen I Stared At?

They grow up so fast, don't they? Maybe... a little too fast.

It's gotta be really weird to become a famous TV when you're only 24" across. While the other TVs are going to school and riding bikes, you're out there being stared at by millions of strangers. You never know who of your friends and family you can really trust and who are just using you to get what they want. No wonder so many famous TVs are so screwed up by the time they reach 70".

Just look at what the VIZIO Smart TV went through on its journey to bigscreenhood:

24": VIZIO Smart TV, daughter of one-hit country wonder Bobby Wayne Smart TV, debuts as the title character on the hit kids' sitcom VIZIO Idaho.

32": She releases the smash-hit single "Party in the LED".

39": Her attempt to establish herself as a serious leading lady, Pixels of Hope, flops at the box office and with critics. A. O. Scott of the New York Times describes it as "a waste of both pixels and hope".

42": She posts a series of YouTube videos of herself performing scenes from classic TV shows. Her portrayal of Detective Mick Belker from Hill Street Blues racks up 1.6 million views.

47": During a performance at the TVTV Video TV Awards, VIZIO twerks in a revealing, unflattering thong. An emergency session of the UN Security Council is convened to consider the world's response to this provocation.

50": The video for the single "Big Big Screen" features VIZIO frolicking nude on a remote control.

55": Insisting that she wants to be taken seriously, she launches a campaign to warn TV owners about the dangers of vaccinating their TVs. Since nobody vaccinates their TVs anyway, she claims the campaign is an immediate success.

70": Long out of the public eye, VIZIO Smart TV becomes one of the most popular personas on the TV drag-queen circuit, with fans praising her as a "survivor".