VIZIO TVs Are Abound Tonight...

by wootbot

Gettin' Vizzy

This is a television. Not a mirror or a window. 

With a nice TV like one of these VIZIOs, the picture can appear so clear that you might think you're looking at a mirror or out a window. That can be confusing, but don't worry! We're here to help Here's how to tell what you're looking at/out:

Discern what you see on the screen. If you see yourself, it's probably a mirror, unless you're a television actor. In that case, look down at your shirt. Is it the same as you see in the screen? Then you're probably looking at a mirror. If it's not the same, and when you look back up, you're not on the screen anymore, that's a TV.

But what if it's not you or any person on the screen? What if it's a landscape? Then it's more complicated. You can rule out that it's a mirror (unless you have a really landscape-y face, but let's not consider that right now), which means it's probably either a window or a VIZIO TV. So, you have to listen. Do you hear narration? If so, it's probably a TV. If there's no narration, then watch. Does the landscape fade into an office building where a clumsy young woman is working her way up the corporate ladder? THen it's probably a TV. If it stays exactly the same and there's no narration, then you're looking out a window. Or maybe watching a really, really bad television show.

Now, the toughest to figure out is when something on the "screen" explodes. Most likely, you're watching a television. Still, that's kind of a big risk to take, right? That's why we say whenever you see something blow up in front of you, even if you're 99.9% sure it's on a television, you should run and hide under a bed, just in case.