Vornado Tower Fan or Air Circulator-Your Choice

by wootbot

Mad (Air) Flow

Don't worry, the grills will be back sometime very soon! We just had to interrupt the sale so we could share a really sweet poem we just found:

The air. The air. It's over there. And yet, I fear, I need it here. The air. The air. Why don't you care? I need no hater, just a circulator.

That was the first poem written by Bobby Typhoon, the young man who's made such a splash on the poetry slam circuit this year. Typhoon has chosen a route not often taken, a route that eschews all things political, and instead, focuses on the depth and glory of either the Vornado 753 Whole Room Full Size Air Circulator or the Vornado 154 Mid-Size Tower Circulator, depending on his mood. In fact, his "Cyclica Oxygenetica" is even now being prepared for printing at the copy shop a block from his apartment.

Cold breeze, I sneeze, drop to my knees, and in my fridge there is some cheese. Later I will eat it grilled, when my living room is properly chilled.

Bobby Typhoon has been referred to as the mid-point between Yeats and Yeezy, the voice of a generation who care for nothing besides sitting in a well-cooled room and watching movies or maybe playing Xbox or something. And yet, his self-awareness extends to the humor in his own situation.

Today it's cold, but only indoors. If I flipped off my Vornado, I'd probably be warm.

See how Typhoon takes responsibility for his own life in an age when others project blame outward? It's no wonder this rising star finds beauty in an air conditioner. For what other device transforms what it takes in and makes it... cooler?