War of the Brownie Pans

by Jason Toon

Traditional brownie pans do the job they're asked to do - but what about consumers who prefer the tough, chewy edges of brownies? The makers of the All Edges Brownie Pan thought they had that demographic sewn up. Its zig-zaggy configuration ensured that every brownie was right up against that hot non-stick aluminum, for at least two chewy edges per brownie. But there's one thing they didn't count on: the Perfect Brownie kit. With a divider system kind of like an old metal ice-cube tray, this upstart pan bakes every brownie with four edges. Oh, it's on now.

All Edges Brownie Pan on the left, Perfect Brownie on the right. Mom and kid sold separately.

Not only does Perfect Brownie offer double the tooth-gnashing edginess and easy, pleasing square slices, but they also had the smarts to reach out to brownie consumers where they gather: in front of the TV.

Sorry, All Edges Brownie Pan. We're calling this one for Perfect Brownie. As for me, I like the soft middle brownies, so I'll stick with the old-school baking method. At least until somebody comes up with a No Edges Brownie Pan.

I first saw Perfect Brownie on Retail Therapy.