Waring Waffle / Omelet Maker

by wootbot

Omelet Us Entertain You

In a world where breakfast foods are the only chance for freedom, one scientist makes a decision that will change the balance of power for the forces of good... THE BREAKFAST ARMY!!!

Okay, fine. Nothing about breakfast will ever be that dramatic. But isn't that what we really love about breakfast the most? Breakfast is plain, unassuming, always dependable, and even when it gets fancy, we get... what? Omelets? Waffles? We're not talking Coq au Vin here. And yet, nobody EVER turns down a fresh warm waffle.

What you see before you now is a Waring Waffle/Omelet Maker. Like a waffle-ridged God of Thunder, it will SLAM DOWN upon the batter that is life and heat it until it's crunchy, tasty, and ready for syrup. And that's not all! The Waring Waffle/Omelet Maker will also transmute your simple egg into a form that no living being (with any sense) can reject ... THE OMELET! Three consonants, two vowels (one repeating) in one meal. IS THIS A BEWITCH-ED DJINN FROM THE GOLDEN SHORES OF FAIRY-COVERED BRIGADOON?

All poetry aside, the Waring Waffle/Omelet Maker is a way to allow the quickest and simplest of meals (a.k.a. breakfast) to become even quicker and simpler. Now you can make both omelet and waffle at the same time! So save the flower and polish for the dinners and midnight tête–à–tête. Breakfast is for the hungry child and the average joe. Make it hot, make it fast, make it good.

And guess what? That's what the Waring Waffle/Omelet Maker can do best.