What We're Doing While The PlayStation Network Is Down

by Team Chuckle!

  • Starting a Mortal Kombat LARP group
  • Painting all of our doorways orange on one side, blue on the other
  • Jacking up the price for that used Xbox 360 we're selling on Craigslist
  • Wondering why our PSN friends aren't calling us to hang out
  • Sending a basket of combustible lemons to Sony's dev team
  • Going back to pretending the floor is lava, instead of the virtual floor
  • Trying to entice our cat to run through the maze of ramps and hula hoops we set up in the backyard
  • Hiring twelve-year olds to hurl racist, homophobic slurs at us
  • Learning that tearing out a man's spine with your bare hands is a lot harder than it looks in the games
  • Taking some time to catch up on my reading witBAH HAHAHAhaha! Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face
  • Researching the easiest way to remove our SONY4LIFE tattoo
  • Blaming Sony for all the strip club charges on our credit cards
  • Finally finishing that plushie potato
  • Taking time to step away from the games and really reflect on our own lives and whether we can ever truly love agaOMG ANOTHER WEEK UNTIL THEY GET IT BACK UP WTF