What's Hip Now: Your Guide From The Experts

by Team Chuckle!

OUT: Fixies
IN: Big Wheels

OUT: Skinny jeans
IN: Buckskin breeches

OUT: Trading mix cassettes with a pen pal
IN: Stuffing sheet music in a bottle and throwing it into the sea

OUT: Ironic mustaches
IN: Ironic ear hair

OUT: Kickball
IN: Tee-ball

OUT: Star Trek: The Next Generation lunchboxes
IN: Patrick Stewart's Othello aluminum picnic caddy

IN: Sterno

OUT: Artisanal cupcakes
IN: Artisanal Pop Rocks

OUT: Torn thrift-store flannel
IN: Torn Green Goblin Halloween costumes

OUT: Knitting
IN: Butter sculpture

OUT: Vintage foam-front trucker hats
IN: Vintage leather football helmets

OUT: Vinyl
IN: Those teeny 3" CDs that won't even play in every player

It's Hipster Week on the Woot blog, whatever that's supposed to mean.

Photo: Big Wheel by Flickr member John Morgan. Used under a Creative Commons License