Wheel Writer Light-Up Bike FX Triple Pk

by wootbot

Let It Ride

It's time to prove to your children that you love them way more than your ex does once and for all.

Hello, Shelia. I'd ask how you are but I figure you must be pretty tired after crawling up from the Underworld to pick up the kids. Must be an awful strain having to breathe in oxygen rather than the acrid perfume of pain and misery that usually fuels your cold dark heart, huh? Whoa, hey, don't trouble yourself trying to force human words from your demon's tongue, Shelia. Save it for fooling the kids. Oh, and here they are now!

Hey, you three! Did you guys have fun? Boy, I bet you did, riding around on your bikes with your Fuze Meon Light-Up Bike FX hooked up to the brand new bikes I bought you this weekend! Aw, and look! Stevie wrote "DAD'S THE BEST" in light with his Wheel Writer Light-Up Bike FX Triple Pack. That makes me feel really nice, buddy. Unfortunately, it looks like feelin' nice time is over. It's time for you to go back to the place a judge who was fed lies decided should be your permanent home.

No, guys, I'm afraid the bikes have to stay here. But maybe your mom will buy you some bikes to ride at her house? OH WAIT, I forgot, you always made excuses about the kids not being responsible and mature enough to have them, didn't you, Shelia? Golly, looks like your mom's trust issues are getting in the way of your happiness again. That's okay. You can always just come over to Dad's house and wrap a cool design with the Meon Bike FX Light Striper or make a cool spiraling effect with the Meon Bike FX Gyro Flasher whenever you guys want!

Er, I mean, you can come over only every other weekend and some holidays, that is. Isn't that right, Shelia? At least until state law says you're old enough to make your own decisions on who you want to live with, of course. But you know what? I bet if you bug your mom's lawyer friend who I know has been "sleeping over" that you want to come over more, maaaaaaybe they'll work something out. Now then, give me a hug, and remember what I said about burning sage right after your mother's been in your rooms. I'd hate for one of you to be possessed by pure evil, too.