Windom 35 Degree Sleeping Bag

by Wootbot

I didn’t get this far by making foolish investments.

It’s nothing personal, pal.

“Spare some change, sir?”

“Oh, sure man. Here’s a-”

“Don’t do that, Nick.”

“What do you mean? The guy’s down and out? I’m just giving him some change.”

“He doesn’t deserve it.”

“Yes I do.”

“Yes he does. See? How can you say that? The guy’s living on the street, wrapped in a sleeping bag.”

“It’s my only possession.”

“Yeah? Well it’s some possession indeed. Nick, you might not know it, but that’s a Windom 35 Degree Sleeping Bag.”

“A what?”

“A what?”

“It’s got a relaxed mummy fit, water-resistant storage sack, YKK 2-way autolock zippers, contoured footbox, and full length draft tube. Nick, that’s like a Cadillac among sleeping bags. That sleeping bag is nicer than our apartment.”

“I would gladly trade you this thing for your apartment-”

“Hey, enough outta you, pal! I don’t appreciate you scamming me for my hard-earned pennies! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go buy my friend a drink with the money you almost conned out of me!”

“God bless you anyway, sir.”

“And Tyler wins another drink on Nick!”


Warranty: 1 Year Mountainsmith

Condition: New



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