Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 227

by Josephus & shan24

On a day that seems like 100 hours ago, but was much, much longer ago than that, in the midst of the celebrity death-watch to beat all celebrity death watches, we aked you to Show us what a recently deceased celebrity (or group of celebrities) is doing in the afterlife. Fortunately, they quit dropping like flies- you know how an aged fly can be just flying along, trying to get into your rice pudding, and then he suddenly just falls over dead? Only he isn't really dead, 'cause his wings just won't carry him any more, so he sort of rotates around on his back, as he slowly di- OK, never mind. Regardless, the seers among you took the time to show us what's happining on the other side- and heeeeeere's the list!

First Place - $100
mwiseman - Switcheroo

Michael's just sittin' at the pearly gates, waiting on Diana Ross.

Second Place - $50
fyrefall - Travalina

"OK, Fred, now do the Sham-wow guy!"

Third Place - $20
edw6buffalo - Cloud Clean & Halo Glo

Now, if he had something to clean up souls- THAT'S a market!

Honorable Mentions:

toby8915 - Wyeth

Could anyone possibly have changed the feel of this painting any more with such a small alteration?

stevepom5460 - Farrah & Ed
An actual tasteful entry?(is this woot?) We'd have liked to see one where Johnny was sitting in the host's chair, and Ed was sitting in the sidekick chair- that would have been heaven for Ed.

tim8604 - Farrah Angel
In six months, this will totally be a tattoo!

DarthJay - Ghost Rider of Pop
A metaphor for his iron fist of control over the Beatles royalties.

taipan - McNair
If life were a football game, someone would have a flagrant foul for sure, and been suspended a couple of games.

Monkey Prize
ActorTom - Grasshopper

Tom shows us yet again why he's the reigning Master of Monkeys- until next week, when mwiseman comes back to earth.

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