Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 228

by shan24 & Josephus

At some point in the probably not-so-recent past, we asked you to show us a movie poster for a classic (non-superhero) film transformed into a superhero movie. Thank you for not showing us this in your chops. Or this. Or, this.

First Place - $100
wildwolf11 - Dances with Wolverine

Kicking Bird says Knives for Fingers is bad-ass.

Second Place - $50
ositopolar - Wonderful Matrix

What pill do you take to stop seeing the giant bunny?

Third Place - $20
mwiseman - Elephant Man

How do you call this superhero, on your elephone?

Honorable Mentions:
FedUpOldHag - Benjamin Button

Wait a sec, my fly is open--crap I hate button-fly jeans!

bradcrc - The Bucket Men
I really hope nobody kicks the buckets. Or shocks the monkeys.

CabooseGT - The Exorcist
Out, demon of poor colormatching! Away, too sharp pasted-devil!

taipan - Babe Ruth
This will only spur on those conspiracy theorists who believed he was really a robot.

toby8915 - Streetcar
Yeah lover, I'm on the street / Gonna go where Marlon Brando / And the steep city meet / With a red bell / On fire / Desire

Monkey Prize - snackbot
My hands! Where are my hands!? Stupid molten lava!

Money winners, please email your Paypal info to Monkey Prize winner, please email your shipping address to Then get out your Woot Monkey that you bought from Woot fair and square, and play super hero with that for a while. He has a cape and a mask. What else do you need? Honorable Mentioneers may use coupon code HONMEN-FS for free shipping on a future order. Until next time remember what the always very wise Jack Handy said, "I wish I had a Kryptonite cross, because then you could keep both Dracula AND Superman away." Yup, he's always thinking.