Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 229

by shan24 & Josephus

Almost 2 years ago, when we started judging this photoshop contest, we asked Jason to ask you to show us an action shot of the Woot All-Star Game, featuring great Woots of the past and present competing against each other. He finally managed to get that far down his list of clever themes, and has started on the ones we've submitted! Look out people, it's about to get crazy up in herrre! Anyway, about a year ago you posted your responses to the theme, and here are the winners:

First Place - $100
toby8915 - Woot-i-oh!

This spell card burns every card with a heart in your deck. I play the Hunk a hunk a burnin' love card!

see also:
toby8915 - Dodgeball - The losers get their screamers ripped out.

Second Place - $50
mwiseman - Fan action

"They call it the streak!" (LOL)

Third Place - $20
DarthJay - Intimidation

Can't he just use the force to knock the ball over? Why is Luke jumping?

Honorable Mentions:
stunnard - Sliding Home-r

That's gotta hurt.

turrets11 - And they're off!
Gee, I hope there aren't any bumps on this track - I'd hate for anyone to fall over.

stevliu - Slam Dunk
Does a dunk activate the Leakfrog's screamer?

fyrefall - Pi Eating Contest
"Keep at it until you've got the last digit!" They don't just suck, they suck forever.

pigmann - Ultimate Robot Championships
Exterminate, exterminate!

Monkey Prize
kwkelli - BayWoot

Oh, man, "be gentle", kwkelli says. Baywatch without Hasselhoff. Shadows that point in every direction. Incongruous pine tree branch on the beach. Pam without shaven legs. 2 monkeys? NO! 3 Monkeys! Monkey Prize! Monkey Prize!

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