Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 231

by shan24 & Josephus

While we weren't paying enough attention to Jason's wandering mind, he proposed the following contest: Show us a former Woot product's Facebook page (or a detail from their home page, or some other page from their account). We immediately asked ourselves: why a former Woot product? Why not a Woot product in the current rotation? How do you know if it's a former Woot product? Does it go by the acronym TPFKAAWP? And then we thought maybe we were overthinking the issue. What do you think?

First Place - $100
TomW - Bacon Salt

Well now what do we do, TomW didn't even make a Facebook page, he made a Spicerack page.

Second Place - $50
toby8915 - Roomba

Oh lawd how I don't miss Roomba High.

Third Place - $20

I can't stop laughing. This is better than the real thing. Maybe Bo will post something on the wall!

Honorable Mentions
mrwolfe00 - Bacon Salt

She likes long walks on the beach, sea water, and vegetarians named Steve.

ActorTom - Poor Friendless Sansa
I got nothin'.

fyrefall - VersaWrench
VersaWrench spends a leeetle too much time on Facebook. FreakaLeak and SwingJingle mght have to have an interwrenchion.

md1088 - Bob Bobson
So, Bob, you're married to Vince? How's that political conservatism workin' out there, fella?

boredbabe90 - Centon SD
Oh, here's something! I think someone should tell Sansa up above that Centon is totally crushing on her and photoshopping her into his pics. Can you say "restraining order"?

Monkey Prize
theangrybuddha - Candi

"After this song" huh, Jim...riiiight. You know how much you like Candi.

Money winners, please email your Paypal info to Monkey Prize winner, please email your shipping address to Don't worry, someday your prince will come. Soooomeday. Yep yep. Annnny day now. Whew, waiting's fun isn't it? Honorable Mentioneers may use coupon code HONMEN-FS for free shipping on a future order. Until next time remember: Any Woot castoff can get a Facebook page these days. Even Hip Hop Hippies.