Winners' Gallery: the Best of Contest 232

by Josephus & shan24

In what may be the most terrifying proposal yet, Representative Toon has submitted a bill requiring to become the single provider for health care in the US. Here are some of the likely results:

First $100
taipan - Cost Cutting
I reckon this one is gonna survive another week!

Second $50
fyrefall - Lab Results
Pretty sure that's refurb gauze.

Third $20
majit - F5
Majit doesn't realize that this is how the elevator at woot is actually labeled.

HMs -
aldarisrain - Dow Jones
Now divide the result by Pi, add the GDP for September...

TomW - I <3 woot
who knew that woot had registered blood.woot before this entry was submitted? Bueller? anybody?

Xexus - How will you pay?
What about the public option?

no1 - Pepto-Bismol in a Bucket
That's right, I got it on Bucket 'O Pepto Friday. Turns out to be much, much cheaper if you buy it in bulk.

Turken - healthcare.woot Plastic Surgery Contests
I don't understand why the winners' galleries are way behind the contests?

Monkey -
cicada - Dr. Jason "my hands are big too" Toon, Proctologist
Sadly for Jason, some things are just a myth.

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