Woot Contest 229: The Woot-Summer Classic

by Jason Toon

Maybe it's just because we're here in St. Louis, where the 2009 MLB All-Star Game will be played tomorrow night, but we've just about had our fill of all things All-Star this week. Fortunately, it seems the appropriately-titled Smashmouth hit is officially played out, as we haven't been subjected to it once. But otherwise, only one thing could make us even more sick of All-Star hype right now: an All-Star-themed Photoshop contest. Why do we do this to ourselves? Your challenge this week:

Show us an action shot of the Woot All-Star Game, featuring great woots of the past and present competing against each other.

It doesn't have to be baseball - any sport or non-sport competitive activity is OK, too. The teams are up to you: Woot vs. Shirt.Woot? Dot-Woots vs. Mothership Woot? Electronics vs. Housewares? And it's also OK if you want to show us a scene from the surrounding festivities: autograph sessions, the old-timer's softball game, the stars arriving at the airport, etc.

Post your entry here by 11:59 AM (central) on Monday, July 20, 2009. Prizes are $20/$50/$100 for 3rd/2nd/1st. The rules and criteria for winning: our panel of volunteer judges can and will make stuff up as it goes along. Use Photoshop, linoleum blocks, pastels, MSPaint, cave painting, tattoos, tribal scarification, whatever, but it’ll only be judged if it’s visible in our forums as a jpg, gif, or png. As we are fond of saying, try to keep your maximum width to 550px. If you need a place to host your pictures, try www.imageshack.ws or www.photobucket.com. We have no connection to either, but they seem free and easy to use. And if you want us to be sure your entry was indeed your work, post links to your source images. The more sure we are that you did your own work, the more likely we are to consider it for a prize.