Woot Contest 234: Two Shirts Beat As One

by Jason Toon

By now, you've probably heard about our Shirt.Woot Classics series, reviving a once-dead Shirt.Woot favorite every week. If you haven't, check out our blog post about Classic shirts as soon as you get over your crushing shame. We use the term Redux to describe the shirts that are issued as they were originally sold, and Remix for those that we've tweaked in some way. But your challenge this week is something we haven't done on Shirt.Woot yet:

Mix two Shirt.Woot shirts together into one new design.

Your source material can be found in our Shirt.Woot forums. And, we hope, in your closet.

Post your entry here by 11:59 AM (central) on Monday, September 7, 2009. Prizes are $20/$50/$100 for 3rd/2nd/1st. The rules and criteria for winning: our panel of volunteer judges can and will make stuff up as it goes along. Use Photoshop, linoleum blocks, pastels, MSPaint, cave painting, tattoos, tribal scarification, whatever, but it’ll only be judged if it’s visible in our forums as a jpg, gif, or png. As we are fond of saying, try to keep your maximum width to 550px. If you need a place to host your pictures, try www.imageshack.ws or www.photobucket.com. We have no connection to either, but they seem free and easy to use. And if you want us to be sure your entry was indeed your work, post links to your source images. The more sure we are that you did your own work, the more likely we are to consider it for a prize.