Wootquest: Bullets Over Crimeville - Still Available For Your Text-Adventuring Pleasure

by Jason Toon

If you're not among the thousands who played our birthday text-adventure game yesterday, fear not! You can still choose your own urban noir adventure in Wootquest: Bullets Over Crimeville - now with 100% less chance you'll score a Bag O' Crap, and 99% less server errors! (Just make sure you're logged in to your Woot account first.)

"Actually pretty amusing" raves Gizmodo! "GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER @Woot" tweets @swimmadude66! With testimonials like that, we're sure you just can't wait to dive into the adventure.

Will you uncover a deadly conspiracy that reaches to the highest echelon of the Crimeville political elite? Will you descend into an underground demimonde of fallen starlets and powerful hallucinogens? Will you be able to protect your sock-puppet imaginary friend? All this and more unfolds in the labyrinthine saga of Wootquest: Bullets Over Crimeville! Assuming everything works the way it's supposed to!