Woot’s Year of Greetings: April - Prank You Very Much

by Matthew Norman

Fast on the March card’s high-top-sneaker-clad-heels, here’s the next installment in our year-long series of monthly greeting cards. To share this card with some deserving schmuck, just click the thumbnail below, print out the PDF, fold it in half two times, and deliver by hand.

Let’s be honest with each other: April Fool’s Day is plumb mean. People put thumbtacks on each other’s chairs, glass shards on each other’s soap, water pails above each other’s doorways, petroleum jelly on each other’s telephone receivers, rubber snakes in each other’s cereal, and whoopie cushions pretty much everywhere. And why?

Well, because it’s hilarious, that’s why. But since you probably didn’t have time to break into all your friends’ homes to take photos of their toothbrushes in your butt, distribute our above-linked greeting card to the people you missed. It’ll get ‘em feeling good and paranoid all the same.