Your Choice of VIZIO LED Smart TV

by wootbot

The List

We have so many sizes of TVs in this sale! Why, there's a size for almost any need!

How do you select the television that's perfect for your active lifestyle? It's not easy. Please consult our special active lifestyle list to see which of these Vizio Smart TVs is for you and your special active lifestyle needs.


If you are a FALCONER - If you are a falconer, consider the 24" Vizio Smart TV! The 1080p Full HD resolution will let you pick up the broadcast of award-winning nature documentary Close-Ups Of The Falcons Of Kentucky while also possibly being light enough to balance on your wrist, giving you the full falconry experience.

If you are a CHESS BOXER - If you are a chess boxer, you might enjoy the 32" Vizio Smart TV. It's 780p, which is good enough to get a clear and lifelike image while also saving you a few bucks, which you can invest in a really nice board and pair of gloves.

If you are a WORM CHARMER - If you are a worm charmer, you'll be interested in the 39" Vizio Smart TV. When turned up all the way and placed on the ground, the SRS/DTS StudioSound HD will vibrate the soil gently, attracting the worms most interested in keeping up with the latest episodes of Arrow.

If you are a TAR BARREL RACER - If you run while holding flaming tar barrels, you might want to own the 42" Vizio Smart TV. Partly because you'll be strong enough to carry a television with a 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate, and partly because you'll need to relax after running while holding a flaming tar barrel. Seriously.

If you engage in SHEEP RACING - If you engage in sheep racing, the 47" Vizio Smart TV is likely for you. You'll enjoy the variety of Internet Apps that work via the built-in WiFi, letting you surf the web, watch video, or check the television schedule to see if This Week In Sheep Racing is on at 6am Sunday or 3am Tuesday!

If you are busy RUNNING WITH THE BULLS - If you run with the bulls, you will want the 65" Vizio Smart TV. Mostly because you'll be spending a lot of time just lying in bed and recovering from be trampled by bulls, and you're going to have a lot of free time to catch up on television.

If you are a professional STAIR CLIMBER - If you are a stair climber, you will want the 70" Vizio Smart TV. Stair climbing is all about the race to the top, after all, and only people at the top have a 70" television!

If you are a ROQUE PLAYER - If you are a Roque player, you do not want a Vizio Smart TV. You want to get out there and Roque. So do it! And don't ever stop Roqueing. Long live Roque!