Your Choice: VIZIO 1080p LED SmartTV

by wootbot

Now If Only We Had A Priazzo

It's the you of the future that the you of the past always hoped you'd be present to see.

THE YEAR IS 1986! A young you with most of your original hair looks at a science-fiction program and mumbles into a New Coke: one day that will be me using a television like a computer. Across the room, your grandfather finishes the last bite of his Florentine Priazzo and shouts BAH! THAT DAY WILL NEVER COME! And so you sneak off to the arcade and try in vain to get the high score on Out Run. It hurt so much then. But today? Today is the day you are vindicated.

Any of these Vizio M Series LED TVs offers a full 1080p clarity that Tales From The Darkside could only dream about. Any of these Vizio M Series LED TVs offer Vizio Internet Apps Plus, a way to enjoy the power of the internet right on your TV! That's the kind of thing you'd only once see on a SilverHawks cartoon! And now? It's right there waiting for you!

You survived the betrayal of finding out Ghostbusters wasn't the same as The Real Ghostbusters. You survived the loss of dear, sweet Clara Peller. Today you put to rest the sadness of your past and stride boldly into the future you were always waiting for. Today, you've got a TV that's also works kinda like a computer.

You've earned it, kid. You've earned it.