Your NPR Name: Two Words To A More Interesting You

by Jarson Saint-Romuald

What would your name be if you were the kind of person who would be a National Public Radio correspondent? You don't hear any Mike Wilsons or Heather Browns on that network. If you want to speak in the same rarefied air as Korva Coleman or Renita Jablonski, you need a name that combines exotica and whimsy. And Lianablog has found the NPR name formula. Your first name is your real first name with your middle initial inserted into it wherever you choose. Your last name is the smallest town you've ever visited in a foreign country. My wife, for instance, is Nicolle Guanabo. Dave would be Deave Zilina. And just look at the byline above - my life's already getting more interesting. How about you?

(Thanks for the link, Katy!)