Yukon Outfitters Hammock, 2 Choices

by wootbot

The Right To Choose

Some people like to sleep in a net. Others don't. We aren't going to take sides. It's a free country, right?

It's not up to us to police your sleeping habits. If you like lying on a Yukon Outfitters Double Hammock, that's great! And if you feel you've got a little too much blood in your veins and you don't mind feeding a few mosquitos, that's even better! But if you're blood-stingy, you know what? That's equally okay too.

And it's not only about mosquitos. Maybe you're hanging this hammock in the basement, as part of your Tropical Island Slamma Jamma Fest keg party. Maybe you're living in a desert with so little standing water that mosquitos can't even breed there. Maybe you're participating in a mosquito repellant product test and you've got to attract some mosquitos if you want to get your tenure this year. So many reasons why you wouldn't want a net on your hammock!

But, even still, if you're scared of mosquitos, bats, tiny leaping kittens and burglars, we've got a hammock option that will keep at least one of those away. Perfect for camping! Or just leaving around on the floor of the garage!

The choice, dear consumer, is yours.