Zeon Tablet 7” DVD Player with Video iPod Dock

by Wootbot

It was bound to happen. They kept making iPods littler and littler and littler, until finally some perceptive Goldilocks piped up to say “this screen is too small!” There’s no pleasing some folks.

Well, don’t despair, Baby Bear: Here comes jWin’s Z1055 Zeon DVD/video player for iPod—seven inches of sleek, sexy, 16:9 TFT LCD. With a built-in dock for 30GB and 60GB iPod video, this tablet-style player sits right in your lap and bathes you in the comforting radiation of your favorite entertainments.

Lash it to the seat back in front of you with the included strap. Or pull it into your lap; it’s as loveable as a widdle baby kitten. Whatever your chosen viewing angle, one thing’s easy to see: This is the portable movie screen that’ll win you over to movies on the go.

Warranty: 90 days

Features for Your iPod:

Features for DVD Player:

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