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Changes to the Woot Multiverse

by Sam Kemmis

Starting today you might notice some major changes to the Woot homepage ( Or maybe you'll only see some minor changes. You see, only some folks are able to see the overhauled version of the homepage, a phenomenon that can be explained with either of two hypotheses:

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Introducing The New Woot App! (Now with Less Brokenness!)

by Sean Adams

UPDATE: Hey, early adopters, you may have noticed some ... um ... issues with our new app when it launched last month. But it's fixed now! (Mostly!) Check it out!

Alexander Graham Bell probably never dreamed that his invention, the telephone, would one day be used by people hunting for sweet deals on refurbished gadgets and Bags of Crap. But those of us here at Woot did! And we turned those dreams into a (virtual) reality! Introducing the new iOS7 Woot app – your one-stop shop for all of your blender/wrench/laptop/projector/wine/T-shirt needs!

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