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Mmmm, Tastes Like Black Friday!

by Jason Toon

On Black Friday evening - when the shopping bags are full, the credit cards are maxxed out, and the minor contusions and lacerations are treated - it's time to gather round for a hearty, traditional Black Friday dinner. The secret to Black Friday entertaining is simple:

  1. Prepare some delicious dishes according to the recipes in Mom's recipe file, a popular magazine, or on a can of sliced beef tongue.
  2. Dye some of the food black.
  3. Serve with ugly dishes, unsettling dolls, and barf bags and/or buckets.

Just look at how a splash of black food coloring can bring your Black Friday cuisine to life! Mmm, dusky!

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Thursday, November 29

Sean University: You Know What They Day!

by Sean Adams

Between black Friday and cyber Monday, it’s an eventful time of year for retail. Hopefully your business was able to make some extra money. But if it wasn’t, don’t worry: there will always be other days. In fact, what about today? Or tomorrow? Or the next day?

I mean, when you think about it, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just random days that people decided were important. What’s stopping us from making more big shopping days out of nothing? In fact, we here at the Sean Adams University of Business Management Development Leadership have a few ideas for days that’ll surely pull in the big-time revenue. Take a look:

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