Wednesday, September 26

Completely Unfair Comparisons: Cinder-ella Stories

by Sean Adams

There are plenty of places on Woot where you can find helpful information. This is not one of those places. Every week we will be comparing 3 pairs of things that shouldn’t be compared using this formula: Unrelated Thing X vs. Unrelated Thing Y in terms of Function Z. Facts will be misunderstood, overlooked, or changed for the sake of the argument. Enjoy.


1. Cinder Blocks vs. Iguanas in terms of Shipping and Receiving

You can’t train a cinder block to ship or receive. It’s just not in their nature, because, you know, they’re not living creatures. They’re blocks. Now, considering that iguanas are living creatures, you might think that they WOULD be trainable. You’d be wrong. And it’s for that reason that cinder blocks get the advantage here; you’ll just put them aside and get on with your day, without spending valuable time and energy trying to get them to help you out.


Cinder Blocks

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