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The Contest of Countries: Best Cryptid!

by Sean Adams

The contestants in today's Contest of Countries Competing Competitively event may not even exist. But why should that stop them from giving it their all? That's right: today, we're voting on the Best Cryptid! One quick thing before we introduce the competitors - we know there are a few heavy hitters here, but please, still scroll through and look at all of the pictures; after all, you just might find a new favorite. Now, without further ado, here they are!

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The Contest of Countries: Raddest Punk Band!

by Sean Adams

We've reached the 4th day of the Contest of Countries Competing Competitively, which means you've got one more day to vote for Greatest Author and two more days to vote for Coolest Fighting Style! Today, though, we're talking music. Best composer? Nah! We want to have more fun than that, so we're going with Raddest Punk Band! Let's meet the contestants that punk scholar Jason Toon has assembled for us (voting at the bottom):

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Tuesday, July 31

The Contest of Countries: Greatest Author!

by Sean Adams

Day 2 of the Contest of Countries Competing Competitively is upon us! This time we're talking literature! Yes, the category is Greatest Author! How do you determine who to vote for? Is it your favorite author? Or the author that you feel has contributed more to literature? That's up to you, but please feel free to explain your thought process in the comments.

Now to introduce the competitors (voting at the bottom of the page):

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