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Music Monday: It's Fall

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! September is a magical month that bridges two seasons. It starts with the end of summer and it ends with the start of fall. So we're gonna celebrate the impending autumn with a whole bunch of fall related songs. How fall related, you ask? Hey! Scott's about to answer!

The Fall - Kurious Oranj


What's more fall than the color orange? Mark E. Smith might not have meant his song to be so appropriate, but I'm super glad that it all worked out this way. Get into that Fall groove!

More to come, after the jump. Hurry! Even now the leaves begin to turn!

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The Debunker: Did Napoleon's Soldiers Shoot Off the Sphinx's Nose?

by Ken Jennings

Summer's winding down as we enter September—or, as they would have called it in ancient Egypt, Akhet, the height of the rainy season that flooded the Nile once a year and made their entire civilization possible. Ken Jennings has a new book out this month on the land of the pharaohs, so all month he'll be sharing his sphinx-like wisdom with us by debunking millennia of misinformation about the ancient Egyptians. Maybe you've been in "de Nile" for a long time, but finally, here are the Ra facts.

The Debunker: Did Napoleon's Soldiers Shoot Off the Sphinx's Nose?

The Great Sphinx at Giza is the largest single-stone statue in the world, and an iconic symbol of Ancient Egypt. It would be even larger (though less iconic) if it had something that most other statues do: a nose! Napoleon Bonaparte campaigned in Egypt in 1798, and a popular legend has a ball from one of his cannons knocking off the Sphinx's nose. One act of lousy French marksmanship and a four-thousand-year-old statue gets scarred for life!

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