Monday, October 26

Music Monday: Scary Tunes

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! We're all looking to be scared around this time of year, aren't we? If you don't want to be scared, don't come in here! Seriously. Today's Scott's doing a mix full of scary songs. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

The Girls - Jeffery I Hear You


Ah, there's nothing like a good old fashion Halloween ghost story, is there? You ask me, more songs should be like this. BOOOOOOOO.

More scary stuff coming up after the jump.

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Friday, October 23

So We Went To The Texas State Fair

by Scott Lydon

Have you ever wondered to yourself "Self, what does the Texas State Fair look like?" well, then, you're about to finally get your answer. Because it looks like this:


Ta da! And now, the post is over. No, no, we're just kidding, there's plenty more, because Scott and former forums superstar ADQ went to see the Texas State Fair this year, and they've got plenty to share with you. After the jump, you'll see food, fun, and a few special gifts! That's right! They brought back some gifts just for you!

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Tuesday, October 20

The Debunker: Was the Monster in Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" Built from Corpses?

by Ken Jennings

October means Halloween is coming—you know, the very witching hour of night when churchyards yawn and graves give up their dead and so on. But if you're still picking out your costume—and you're looking for something a little scarier than Sexy Donald Trump—you might need a refresher course, because it's surprising how much we don't know about some of our most iconic monsters. Luckily, Jeopardy! monster Ken Jennings has unchained his debunking abilities and is ready with the spooky scoop.

The Debunker: Was the Monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Built from Corpses?

Yes, yes, we all know by now that "Frankenstein" is actually not the name of the monster in Mary Shelley's landmark 1818 horror novel (or any of the dozens of subsequent adaptations). Victor Frankenstein is the ethically challenged scientists who creates the monster; the creation itself is usually just called something generic like "creature" or "fiend." The confusion pre-dates the Boris Karloff movie by over a century, but it's still a little odd. I guess the monster does consider himself to be Frankenstein's son, in a sense, so you could argue that he would inherit his surname, but Shelley never uses that idea in the book. The title character of the book is meant to be the scientist, full stop.

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Monday, October 19

Music Monday: The Law

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today in 1789, John Jay became America's first Chief Justice. In his honor today, Scott's picked five songs about what it means to be a judge.

Human League - I Am The Law


To pass judgment on others is a great responsibility. You have to be confident that you're doing the right thing, while also being fair and weighing all the options. You are the law, but you're also justice.

More to come after the jump.

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