Wednesday, January 23

The Trivial Eye: 90s Movies Based on Old TV Shows

by Jason Toon

OK, maybe the '80s got it started with Dragnet, but we really have the '90s to blame for the plague of Hollywood remakes of old TV shows. If it was on the Nick at Nite lineup, you can bet some producer was trying to convince Judge Reinhold or Kelly McGillis that it would be a perfect family-friendly comeback vehicle. Can you endure the awful memories long enough to remember these eight '90s movies based on much earlier TV sources?

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Tuesday, January 22

There Can Be Only Pun: My 90s Band Wrestling League

by Sean Adams

It seems like I face some new, frustrating dilemma almost every day. For a while, I tried to solve each one on my own, but I just can't do it anymore. I'm in over my head, and I need your help, Wooters! So, each week, I'm going to post a problem that I'm facing and you're going to help me solve it. But here's the catch: the solutions need to be puns. That's right: logic is secondary; puns are the primary goal here. I'll choose the best pun and announce it in next week's post.

THIS WEEK'S EPISODE: 90s Music Wrestling League!

This 90s-themed Woot-Off made me nostalgic for two of my favorite things from back then: 1) the music, and 2) the pro-wrestling. So, I thought, why not combine them? Why not start my own underground wrestling league where we dress like, act like, and listen to our favorite 90s musicians? The league itself would obviously have a name based on band from the 90s as well, but what? Here are some ideas:

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1993 Through The Eyes Of Wikipedia

by Sam Kemmis

Like an Alexis de Tocqueville guiding you through history, Wikipedia's fingers reach into every crevice, nook, cranny, and dark scary place. Also like Alexis de Tocqueville, Wikipedia spills way too much ink explaining pointless crap. Come with us now as we explore the early 1990s through Wikipedia's verbose, thinly-veiled editorial voice.

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HOTT '93: A Woot-Off Trip Back To The Yesterday Of Tomorrow

by Jason Toon

Oh, 1993, you enigmatic year, you. Were you the year of mindless frivolity like Sleepless in Seattle and "Achy Breaky Heart" and Boy Meets World? Were you the year the future began, with the launch of the first Pentium chips and the first true web browser (Mosaic, which mutated into Navigator, the stepfather of Firefox)? Were you the year we realized that the end of the Cold War only brought new and different problems, with the first World Trade Center bombing and the intensification of the war in Yugoslavia? Were you the year the likes of Pearl Jam and Stone Temple Pilots decisively set the mopey, leaden tone of mainstream rock for the rest of the millennium? What was your deal, 1993?

We're going to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this (for better or worse) pivotal year the only way we know how: with some dumb jokes in a Woot-Off. And with some pieces about various Clinton-era concerns on the Woot blog.

Oh, and with some '90s-themed giveaways on the Woot Facebook page ("Like" us to play along). We've got some used stuff, some authentic '90s deadstock, and some new stuff with a '90s flavor. You might just find a piece of your past. That's OK. There's no shame or judgment here. We all lived through it; we all did what we had to do to survive.

So here's to 1993, in all its ridiculous glory. For the next two days here on Woot, Homey will definitely play dat.

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