Monday, February 03

Music Monday: RIP Pete Seeger

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Pete Seeger always seemed like a pretty okay fella, and it was very nice of him to pass away early enough for me to write this Music Monday. If you don't know, Pete Seeger was a man who believed in his country, stood up for what he believed, and nearly anyone who plays a guitar and sings words pretty much owes Pete Seeger a thank you. So here we go.

Pete Seeger - What Did You Learn In School


In an age when protests tend to get messy and loud, it's odd to see a quiet man with a banjo making a clear statement. But this pretty song isn't saying ALL REPUBLICANS SUCK or LOL DEMOCRATS or anything, it's just saying that you shouldn't always believe what the powers-that-be tell you, which is something any one of us can get behind, right? Plus it's catchy and easy to sing the chorus and you can swap out the complex part for anything you want if you're singing it while drunk. Such is the power of folk.

See you after the jump for a little more Pete.

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Monday, January 27

Music Monday: Fuzzy Pop

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! When you're in the mood for a fuzzy guitar, there's nothing else that will do. And today, people, Scott's in the mood for some fuzzy guitar. So here are five buzzy songs that showcase the beauty of rock fuzz. And we don't mean that time when David Bowie grew a beard.

Amboy Dukes - Journey To The Center Of The Mind


It doesn't matter if you love Ted Nugent's politics, hate Ted Nugent's politics, or are terrified that Ted Nugent's out there in the woods with a bow. When you hear the fuzzy freak-out that pours out from this Amboy Dukes hit, you can be make those rock horns and be happy.

It's only getting fuzzier after this. See you beyond the jump!

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Monday, January 20

Music Monday: Kissing Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Everybody always saves the love song for February 14th. But by then it's too late to make your own mix for the one you love. So THIS year, we're gonna do it right and make a kissing mix now. Then it'll be ready for V-Day! Got it? Good. Let's get started.

George Michael - Kissing A Fool


Nobody would have expected pretty-boy George Michael to go for the jazzy nightclub sound, but that's exactly what he did in 1988, allegedly in a single take. And now, this simple, slightly insecure blast of feeling is pretty much a vocal standard. Sorry for all those things I said about you when I was in high school, George. I was just jealous the girls liked you more than me.

Much more smooching after the jump. See you there!

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Monday, January 13

Music Monday: gniksamkcaB

by Scott Lydon

!yadnoM cisuM yppaH or, in forward terms, Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's turning things around and taking a good, hard look at the most scaaaaary of musical options… the dreaded backmasking. In the wrong hands, it's an annoying little game, but in the right hands, it can be kinda neat. For example...

Steve Vai - Whookham


It says something about the talent of Steve Vai that he put together an almost Queen-like song simply by reversing one of his pieces. Of course, playing it normally gives you a rather boring little prayer, which could be why nobody ever condemns this one publicly.

It's catchy, but there's more to come, including Scott's favorite backmasked song. !pumj eht retfa ouy eeS

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Monday, January 06

Music Monday: Trippy Narrator Rock

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Sometimes there are songs so weird and trippy that a human being can't possibly make the journey through them alone. Today Scott's the narrator on a voyage through the crazy world of… NARRATOR ROCK!

Lothar And The Hand People - Space Hymn


Starts like an '80s video game, ends like a conversation with a first year philosophy student. Lothar takes you from your natural state of consciousness into a- well, hypnotic state isn't exactly the right word, but it's close enough for our purposes, right? Let yourself ascend into the heights of joy that Lothar knows you can reach. Follow Lothar. Lothar knows the path.

Follow us into the dawn, for we shall lead you into the space that exists after this one. Which is a trippy way of saying "See you after the jump?"

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Monday, December 30

Music Monday: 2013 Faves

by Scott Lydon


Happy Music Monday! Say, did you find any new music this year? Anything you really liked? We sure hope so. Today's a celebration of Scott's personal favorites of 2013, but there's no reason YOU can't make your OWN list too! He'll go first, then you can show him up, okay? Okay.

Savages - Shut Up


As far as I can tell, a band from the early 1990s got into a time machine and came forward to 2013 so they could release their first record. That's the only explanation that makes any sense! This band is like a lovely hammer tossed at the glass pane that is modern rock music, and I couldn't be more pleased to have a copy of my own. If you like this, you'll like every other song on the record. Promise.

Four more of Scott's picks inside. Then it's your turn. See you after the jump.

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Monday, December 23

Music Monday: Snow Songs

by Scott Lydon


Happy Music Monday! A White Christmas is a tradition that not everybody gets to enjoy. We're hoping you get one where you are (and that you don't have to drive in it to boot!) but even if you don't, today's Music Monday will help you out. Because today's Music Monday is all about snow.

Burning Brides


Snow is like love: even when you're happy to have it around you, it can still grow cold at some point. The heartbreak of having someone make you into what they want and then go back inside for hot chocolate is something everyone can understand. And yet, not everyone is made to sit by the fire. What am I trying to say? Who knows? But I'm pretty sure it makes as much sense as the lyrics to this Burning Brides song.

Stay frosty. We'll see you after the jump.

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Monday, December 16

Music Monday: Heaven Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's no secret that modern music was built on a structure that began in places of worship. So it should also be no surprise that the concept of Heaven found a home in pop, rock, blues, dance, jazz, classical and more. Today Scott's putting together an angelic mix to celebrate the best part of the land beyond… Heaven!

Johnny Mathis - Heavenly


Make fun all you want, angry young punks. Johnny Mathis has a smooth voice and a great backing orchestra. I'd say there's a good chance that a whole generation was only born because Mom and Dad put on one of his records nine months before. But try not to focus on that as you listen.

We stand on the edge of Heaven! Come on inside and let us take you further!

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Monday, December 09

Music Monday: R.I.P. Nelson Mandela

by Scott Lydon


Happy Music Monday! As most of us have heard, the legendary Nelson Mandela recently passed away. As the face of the anti-apartheid movement, Mandela was the man so many different pop stars sang to, and like all things 1980s, he eventually became a bit of a fad. Today Scott's saying goodbye to Mandela with a collection of songs about him, or about the times he lived in. He'll start with the big one. You might already be singing it yourself.

The Specials - Free Nelson Mandela


Without this Specials hit, would as many people have even heard of Nelson Mandela? Maybe, but probably not for a while. Nobody would call this a scholarly biography, but in the days before Wikipedia, this was about as efficient a recap as one could find. And a pretty good song to boot.

We've got four more, then it'll be your turn. See you after the jump.

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Monday, December 02

Music Monday: Cyber Monday

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Ever since the first robot opera appeared at the turn of the century, technology and music have walked arm and arm. In honor of Cyber Monday, Scott's put together a grand collection of computers and robots and such. Get your biometric ID and hurry through the teleportation gates!

David Bowie - TVC15


Bowie's attempt to write a sci-fi Velvet Underground song made for a catchy little number about a TV that devours a poor guy's girlfriend. Did it inspire Videodrome? Who can say?

Consider this techno-torium your secret refuge from the onslaught of deals. And see you after the jump for more.

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