Monday, February 29

Music Monday: New Day

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If you're seeing this, we've gone a week without a famous music figure dying. Let's start a new trend, shall we? Today Scott's got five songs about new days. Get ready. The last one might be controversial.

Husker Du - New Day Rising


Ever gotten out of bed the day after a breakup and told your reflection "this is where it all begins again!" Ever walked away from that mirror and immediately spent the day mad at the stuff you supposedly just threw away? That's the sound of this song. It's a new day, but that doesn't mean you've immediately forgotten the past. It takes some work to push through that new day and start a new trend. But if you keep at it, you'll reach the new week, then the new year, then the new you.

Four more comin' right up.

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Monday, February 22

Music Monday: RIP Denise Matthews

by Scott Lydon

So we're ending the second month of 2016, and we keep losing musicians every freakin' Monday. I write this on a Tuesday, after learning that Vanity passed away last night. Based on current trends, another musician is dying as you're reading this. Who knows how many RIP posts I'm gonna do before the year is out? Anyway, today's a tribute to Vanity. Even though she renounced her crazy old life and turned to God, she still left behind some cool music.

Vanity 6 - Nasty Girl


It's totally fair to say that this song wouldn't exist without Prince, because that's 100% correct. Vanity was basically a stand-in because Prince couldn't transform himself into a woman and sing these songs. But that doesn't mean she was untalented. Here's a way to test it: try to sing this song. Seriously. It's like a wave of words and rhythm that just keep slapping against you. You can run out of breath before you even get to the chorus.

Think Scott can't do four more? THINK AGAIN.

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Monday, February 15

Music Monday: RIP Paul Kantner

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! I've actually been really busy of late, and I wasn't even at a computer when I heard Paul Kantner died, back on January 28th. That's really for the best because can you imagine how depressing it would have been to have three consecutive Music Mondays about dead rock stars? Even still, Paul Kantner was pretty cool, so now that I'm back at my desk, he gets a well-deserved send off.

Jefferson Airplane - Chauffeur Blues


So before anyone was building a city or asking Alice, the Jefferson Airplane was a bunch of young people playin' the blues. At that time, Grace Slick wasn't singing, that's Signe Toly Anderson you hear. Why is that notable? Because Ms. Anderson also died on January 28th, same date as Paul Kantner did. So this particular song serves as a double tribute. Kind of the month the music died.

Four more coming up as we say goodbye to Paul Kantner together.

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Monday, February 08

Music Monday: Harmonies

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's always neat how different layers can combine to make a greater harmony. Today Scott's looking at some of these layers when they're dissected one by one. You'll catch on pretty quick if you know your music history. Let's begin, shall we?

The Journeymen - Run Maggie Run


In the early '60s, this trio of folk friends formed to harmonize sweetly. Dick, John and Scott put out a few albums and did okay, but never really broke any records or anything. But don't they sound nice? That's harmony right there!

More harmonies to come! Sing along if you wanna!

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Monday, February 01

Music Monday: Giving

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Each song is a little gift to us, the listener. But how many songs are just about giving? Scott's found five. And then he'll ask you to do your part.

Pebbles - Giving You The Benefit


You remember Pebbles? It's okay if you don't. She had a couple of hits in the late '80s and early '90s. But she does illustrate that giving doesn't always have to be physical. You can give your trust just as easily as you can give a present. Even though it's easier to get rid of trust. Obviously.

Four more, comin' right up.

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Monday, January 25

Music Monday: RIP Glenn Frey

by Scott Lydon

The world of rock is cleaning house. We lost Lemmy, we lost Bowie, and now we've lost an Eagle. Scott's never been the biggest Eagles fan, but he still respects the man's music and skill. Today's a five song tribute to the great Glenn Frey. RIP.

The One You Love


I'm starting with this because it's the first Glenn Frey song I really remember. As a kid, I heard "Hotel California" in my uncle's van (that's where I first heard Pink Floyd too) but I never bothered to learn any of the band members names, because hey, I was a kid! So the first time I heard this song I had no idea the singer was connected to the Eagles in any way. This perfectly-passable '70s love song is right up there with any radio friendly hit, and in my head it's where Glenn Frey began. Even if that's not actually correct.

More Frey talk comin' right up.

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Monday, January 18

Music Monday: RIP David Bowie

by Scott Lydon

On Sunday the 10th I went to bed early, after listening to the radio. Possibly I missed the news that Bowie had passed by just seconds. That's why last week's Music Monday went up as it did, because I didn't get the news until my phone started buzzing with texts from East Coast friends, asking if I'd heard the news. I'm writing this on January 11th but you won't read it until the 18th, and by then, everybody and their mother will have heard the Bowie recaps to death. So I'm not going to do his history or life anything. Instead, I'm going to to be thinking about me and my Bowie experience. I encourage you to do the same inside, if you care to.

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Monday, January 11

Music Monday: The Quiet Storm

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's taking a look at a format mostly saved for late night radio slots, the "quiet storm." If you know it, you love it. If you don't know it, you probably still have heard it without knowing what it was. Either way, you're going to be happy with today's smooth Music Monday. Also you should be reading this in a low tone. Think Barry White's voice.

The Art Of Noise - Moments In Love


Nobody would expect a little group of knob-twiddling producers to make a song that wound up being a soulful classic, but the Art Of Noise's instrumental has long been the official bed music for "quiet storm" DJs when they talk about the weather and what songs are coming up next. Also here's a tip: remember you just read that and keep it locked away, because sooner or later someone will say "what's that song?" and you'll look like a genius when you know the answer. I've done it more than once and it always blows minds.

More quiet storm coming up. Get ready. Aw yeah.

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Monday, January 04

Music Monday: Folkways

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Scott's starting out this year with an exciting tribute to the always-interesting Smithsonian Folkways label, home to some of the least-known and most-sought-after vinyl records ever produced. Thankfully they have also gone digital so modern people can listen too. Want to find some examples? Sure ya do!

Surf Textures


Of course this is the relaxing classic, just plain ol' ocean sounds behind a lovely cover. This one probably surprised more than a few people who were expecting a slow moody jazz record, but it also probably made more than a few people pretty happy. Releasing nature sounds is always risky, but surprisingly, it's not the most risky thing that Folkways has ever done. You'll find out what I mean by that in just a few seconds.

Four more, coming up. And hey, if you like these, you can visit the Folkways website and discover some more insanity genius.

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Monday, December 28

Music Monday: Best Of 2015

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! As always, we end the year with the five songs Scott found this year that he a: liked the most and b: could find on YouTube. So here we go! Let's say farewell to 2015 together!

Mdou Moctar - Adounia


This Nigerien (he's from Niger) got famous because of the trading culture in West African music, via cell phones and memory cards. Yeah, seriously. Isn't that the best? He turned to Kickstarter to help him finish his masterpiece Rain The Color Of Blue With A Little Red In It. And now, he's starting to tour all over the world, and he's getting some airplay on the little indie radio stations of America. It's a nice mix of African flavor and pop skills and he's hopefully going to have a grand future. One of my favorite finds of the 2015.

Four more of Scott's 2015 discoveries to wrap up the year. And then, it'll be YOUR turn!

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