Monday, June 09

Music Monday: Live Sets

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! This week is more of a storytelling theme. Scott's gonna give you five bands he's enjoyed live, and then get out of the way. It'll be up to you guys to bring this one to life by telling your favorite concert stories. Who did you love, why did you love them, what were the best concerts you ever saw? Consider this the warm-up act.



Morphine is low-key in style, but the band was just soaked in energy. I saw them for the first time in a super-small club with a handful of people, and they still brought it. Mark Sandman doing harmonics while Dana Colley played two saxes at the same time? Perfect. And to this day, I remember it well.

More good music coming after the jump, and then it'll be time for YOUR story!

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Monday, June 02


Monday, May 26

Music Monday: Memories

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If you're like us… you're not working today. Isn't that GREAT?? If you're not like us we're sorry and hope you get some time off soon. Regardless, today is a great day to remember the past, so Scott's made another mix full of memory songs.

Johnny Thunders - You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory


You know, I've simply GOT to stop leading with the best song. Johnny Thunders had a hard life and kinda ruined it all by himself, but with a song like this, you get the feeling he knew what he was doing. A lovely, heartbreaking piece. Appropriately enough.

Still four more coming inside! See you after the jump.

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Monday, May 19


Monday, May 12

Music Monday: Spring Jazz

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today Scott's making a playlist to help you through a wonderful warm Spring day. Open a window, turn up the speakers, and enjoy. He certainly will.

Nina Simone - Sinnerman


The music of the great Nina Simone speaks for itself, really. The vocals are just as passionate as the piano. It's a lovely song full of energy that's just MADE for the light. And what chases away sin better than a beam of light?

It won't get any better than that, but it'll certainly stay just as good. See you after the jump!

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Monday, May 05


Monday, April 28

Music Monday: Unexpected Covers

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! There are many songs out there where a cover supplanted the original. But there are also song where two versions co-exist, occupying two very different spaces at the same time. That's what Scott's looking at today. Complex? Don't worry, you'll catch on quickly.

Tainted Love Gloria Jones & Marilyn Manson


She didn't write it, but Gloria Jones kinda started it off. Marilyn Manson, however, came in after Soft Cell chilled it up and turned a very poppy '60s dance song into, well, something more dark. Kinda the story of America, when you think about it.

But don't think about it, we've got eight more songs to burn through. See you after the jump!

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Monday, April 21

Music Monday: Weather Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! You know what they say, April comes in like a lion and- oh, well, they WILL say that soon, thanks to climate change issues. And speaking of climate change, today Scott's gonna take a good, hard look at songs about the weather. Join him, won't you?

Crowded House - Weather With You


It's interesting how often the weather is used as a metaphor for love. Or maybe, that shouldn't be so surprising. Emotions can be calm, stormy, lovely or horrid. Maybe we're just little weather events that thing they're people. Whoa, man. Whoa.

More weather songs on the way. See you after the jump!

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Monday, April 14

Music Monday: Rapping Celebs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! We hip hip hop and we don't stop! Much like a great many celebrities who recorded rap songs over the years. Thankfully, Scott's found a couple of them who didn't just rip off The Sugar Hill Gang. Not a lot. Just a couple.

David Bowie feat. Mickey Rourke - Shining Star (Makin' My Love)


Bowie's pretty open about being lost in the late 1980s. So, you know… here's proof. Sort of the bookend to "Dancing In The Streets" in a way, you know?

Maybe it gets better. Maybe it gets worse. You won't know unless you dare. See you after the jump!

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Monday, April 07

Music Monday: Conspiracy Songs

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! In today's weird, messed-up world, we're surrounded by conspiracy theories each and every day. So it should be no wonder that we've all heard songs about that very concept. Today Scott's spoken with some shadowy figures from the Illuminati and gotten permission to do a list of conspiracy songs. Check it out… before they make him take it down!

Soul Coughing - Unmarked Helicopters


A team of special helicopters with no markings that answer to no one? Pffft. Next you'll say that the Pentagon has a Black Ops budget nobody can account for! Face it, as conspiracies go, these spooky helicopters are pretty easy to accept. All it takes is a can of paint and a General saying "need-to-know" a few times!

The truth is after the jump. See you there, if you think you can handle it.

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