Monday, January 02

Music Monday: New

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today is the first Monday of the New Year. In celebration, Scott's done a post full of new-themed songs. Join in, have fun, celebrate the start of something new!

Kirsty McColl - A New England


This is, of course, a Billy Bragg cover, but the jangly guitar and wistful lyrics of this version really captures what January always feels like to me. There's still the feelings of the old year mixed with the knowledge that something else is coming. Even if we disagree what that something is, we all want it to be good. That's gotta count for something, right?

Let's all face this New Year together! More songs to come.

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Wednesday, February 17

Music Monday: New Day

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! If you're seeing this, we've gone a week without a famous music figure dying. Let's start a new trend, shall we? Today Scott's got five songs about new days. Get ready. The last one might be controversial.

Husker Du - New Day Rising


Ever gotten out of bed the day after a breakup and told your reflection "this is where it all begins again!" Ever walked away from that mirror and immediately spent the day mad at the stuff you supposedly just threw away? That's the sound of this song. It's a new day, but that doesn't mean you've immediately forgotten the past. It takes some work to push through that new day and start a new trend. But if you keep at it, you'll reach the new week, then the new year, then the new you.

Four more comin' right up.

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Monday, December 09

Woot Launches Login and Pay with Amazon, Hurrah, Hurrah

by Scott Lydon awoke from a dream, and threw open the window. "You there! Boy! What day is it?" The boy shouted back, "Today? Today's the day that lets customers log in and pay with their Amazon account!" sank to the floor with a happy smile. "I'm not too late," whispered to itself. "Thank you, Spirit. Thank you."

Of course, you may now wonder what in the Dickens we're talking about here, and it's simple: now offers customers a secure, simple convenient way to pay for their Woot purchases by logging in with their Amazon credentials and selecting their shipping and payment methods from their Amazon account. We're pretty happy about that!

Old Customers will be able to sync their two accounts easily, and new customers can sync from day one, saving everybody lots of typing time. Who wants to do their own data entry when they could be playing with poor Tiny Tim? He's so adorable, isn't he?

Additionally, all purchases made via Amazon Payments are covered by Amazon’s A-to-z guarantee, so you guys know you're safe! Amazon and Woot have been working hard to improve the Woot customer experience ever since the ghost of Jacob Marley demanded we change our ways, so we're happy to have Login and Pay with Amazon added to our payment options. We've got a nice little Amazon Payments FAQ that sums up the whole process right over here, so check it out if you wanna.

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Thursday, December 05

Amazon Payments: It's Here, Enjoy It

by Scott Lydon

Ever wondered how you could tie your adorable Woot account to your beloved Amazon account? STOP WONDERING RIGHT NOW! Starting this very second, Login and Pay with Amazon is live and ready! Login and Pay with Amazon combines the power of Amazon Payments and Login with Amazon so now you're able to log in to Woot with your Amazon credentials and complete your checkout process without having to enter your shipping address or payment information by accessing the shipping and payment settings stored in your Amazon Payments account. Also check this out: you’ll be able to benefit from the Amazon A-to-z Guarantee when you make a qualified purchase using Amazon Payments! That's the super-short version, FYI. After the jump, you'll find more details. We just figured you'd want the TL;DR first.

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