Monday, July 30

Woot Now Ships to Hawaii & Alaska: Let's Get Non-Contiguous, Y'all!

by Jason Toon

It's a big week for the Last Frontier and the Aloha State! Just 53 years after Alaska and Hawaii joined the Union, residents of those states are finally eligible for the greatest privilege of American citizenship: the right to buy stuff from Woot! (Not just Shirt.Woot tees, either! Real stuff!)

Most of the time, anyway. We're prohibited from shipping certain items to those states, like wine. And the bulk of some items will make shipping to Alaska and Hawaii cost-prohibitive. But hey, most of the time is better than none of the time, right?

Just look in the Features section to see if any given sale is eligible for shipping to AK & HI addresses. We'll call it out loud and clear, like the majestic honk of the nene or the goofy chuckle of the willow ptarmigan. (Yeah, that's right: we're talking state bird smack. Hangin' with Woot is not for the faint-hearted.)

So Alaskans, send some of that oil money our way! Hawaiians, we'll be happy to help you dispose of your pineapple fortunes! Does this mean Woot will start selling items tailored to your states, like surfboards or walrus repellent? Anything's possible in the wild, weird world of Woot - especially now that that world is two states bigger.

UPDATE: an earlier version of this post said we were unable to ship items to AK & HI that contained Li-ion batteries. We double-checked and it turns out we're cool to do that. Yay!

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