Thursday, February 16

Toy Fair 2012: The Mascot Parade

by Scott Lydon

What's the best way to close out our Toy Fair 2012 coverage? With a look at those who work the hardest, and sweat the hardest, while still keeping in mind that their show much go on. Scott's taking a look at the costumed-Americans, the faces of those faceless companies shilling hard. He's talking about… the mascots.


you see him too right


Once a year all the mascots in the industry gather together in a great big mascot party outside of Toy Fair. It's open to the public, but you probably never thought to go! Never fear, dear readers. Because I was there, and I'll tell you all you missed. Especially when it comes to that freaky horned monster at the back. Don't worry, he's cool.

After the jump, Scott presents a short but sweet tribute to those crazy little monsters who only exist so they can catch your eye. Join us inside!

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Wednesday, February 15

Toy Fair 2012: The Unsung Heroes

by Scott Lydon

Over the weekend Scott visited the 2012 Toy Fair in New York City. This week he's telling us all about it. You can still see his "Best Of" posts here and here but today, he's taking a look at the true heroes of the show… the heroes.

With everyone paying attention to tough guys like The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, there was quite a crowd around the action figure booths. But who was paying attention to the non-movie tie ins? I set out to record the cuter side of adventuring. I set out to find the hero most likely to be awww'd at.


heroic trinity


Well, that's a good start, but what's up with the Super-smirk there? Isn't that a little too cocky for a Kansas boy? Cocky Kryptonians just are not awww-able. Movin' on...

The quest continues inside. Come see!

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Tuesday, February 14

Best Of Toy Fair: Part Two

by Scott Lydon

Over the weekend Scott visited the 2012 Toy Fair in New York City. This week he's telling you all about it. You can still find part one right here but head inside for part two, where you'll see things like this:

Best Horrible Pun

low form of humor play visions


Play Visions took home the pun crown with their "Parrot Trooper" parachute toy. Simple, effective, and easy to understand even without the box. It doesn't get more "gift from your crazy uncle" than that.

We've got more of the rest of the award winners inside. Be sure to keep on eye here and the other on our kids.woot blog to enjoy it all!

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Monday, February 13

Best Of Toy Fair: Part One

by Scott Lydon

Over the weekend Scott visited the 2012 Toy Fair in New York City. Since the rest of the world was freaking out over little purple skrulls, Scott decided to find something more worthwhile. And he did! This week he'll be recapping the high points from his wandering. Be sure to keep one eye here and the other on our kids.woot blog so you can enjoy all the posts in full.


all the people


See that huge crowd? That's all that was standing between me and the very latest toys of the year. I enjoyed the good, endured the bad, and now I'm ready to award The Best Of Toy Fair 2012! Join me after the jump to see… okay, fine, here's a little preview:

Best Four Dimensional Puzzle

bright lights big city


The 4D Cityscape Time Puzzle could be the perfect thing for a never-ending rainy day. First you slap the outline into place, then you start putting down buildings, then you consult the included chart to replace the buildings over time. Miss the skyline of Manhattan in the 1970s? Want to see how Tokyo evolved from the 80s to today? Just feel like playing Doctor Who and jumping from age to age? Just want a little diorama of the '50s? These puzzles have you covered no matter which way you play it.

Want more toys? Come inside!

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Thursday, February 17

Toy Fair 2011: Day Three: The Very Best Of: Part Two

by Scott Lydon

We're down to the wire on our Toy Fair 2011 coverage. Scott's wrapping up his final Best-In-Show picks. What gems could he possibly have saved for last?

Best Thing You Didn't Need But Now Do




The Flickering Fireplace combines the power of a nightlight with the joy of a circuit board, creating a classy desk toy that won't make you look like a manchild. Yes, yes, we can all love our Glow-In-The-Dark Batman Heads in private, but sometimes one just has to pretend to be a grown-up.

More after the jump!

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Toy Fair 2011: Day Three: The Very Best Of: Part One

by Scott Lydon

Well, we made it. You've lived vicariously through us, and we've felt important through you. Like a mosquito and a bare forearm, we joined together to become something more than we were before. And now we're leaving and you've got malaria. But at least you'll know what we consider to be the very best of Toy Fair 2011.


the tower


After the jump, Scott makes his first picks. Join him, won't you?

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Wednesday, February 16

Toy Fair 2011: Day Two: An Ode To The Mascots

by Scott Lydon

You know what's the absolute worst part about this Toy Fair? Trying to find the mascots. Maybe it's just bad luck, or maybe it's just bad timing, but it really seems like the mascots are avoiding me. I go to the booth, they just left, I go out to the floor, they've just moved on. And when I get lucky and find a few? They won't even turn around.


team toy


It's enough to make a guy want to throw in the towel and go home. But Jason's still holding my family hostage, so what choice do I have? After the jump, you'll be seeing how one man went from zero to hero with a simple system that might even work for you.

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Toy Fair 2011: Day Two: Most Snuggliest, Part One

by Scott Lydon

Perhaps it's the soft toy industry that has changed the most in the past fifty years. What once would have been an old sock with buttons for eyes now has to be plush and squeezy with some deep backstory that somehow relates to friendship and maybe a wizard. But surely, surely there must be more to cute than a brand name! In a special two-part expose, Scott's getting to the bottom of the soft underbelly of Toy Fair, and looking for the most adorable toys.




What he finds… may shock you. But only if you're incredibly high-strung.

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Toy Fair 2011: Day Two: It's All In The Cards

by Scott Lydon

Yesterday, we ended with board games. Today, we're starting with cards.

At Toy Fair, the card makers wear desperation like a ragged sweater. Crammed into the lower level like it was some 19th Century immigrant town, the card people huddle at the very back, shouting out things like "We're the next Uno!" and "It's just like Poker… with a twist!" But in those cold, frightened eyes, you can see the truth. The card people have to try the hardest, because they're already the most ignored. So join Scott after the jump as he presents a look at the card games he enjoyed the most. Also, you'll get to see him make this face at the end:




Consider it our gift to the photoshop community. See you inside!

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