Tuesday, February 14

Take The Bitter With The Sweet: Download Woot's Free Valentines

by Jason Toon

Someday you'll be able to download chocolate, flowers, and backrubs. But until technology advances to that point, you'll have to be satisfied with Shirt.Woot's annual Valentine's Day gift to you: free downloadable Valentines!

As usual, our 2012 crop comes in both Bitter and Sweet flavors. This year's mythological Bitter designs are perfect for the Greek god or goddess you want out of your life, while the Sweet designs are ideal for cozying up to that cute crafter you want to put a bird on. And if none of these put a purl in your Pandora, our free valentines from 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011 are still willing to serve as your downloadable wingmen.

PDF links:









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Monday, February 14

Love Vs. Hate: Printable Woot Valentines For All You Knuckleheads

by Woot

Waiting until the last minute? You just missed it. But maybe there's still time to salvage Valentine's Day with our fourth annual crop of free, printable Woot Valentines. This year, our "Sweet" Valentines feature a variety platter of romantic meats, while our "Bitter" Valentines explore the dark side of love among the sideshow freaks.

The 4-up PDFs below are ideal for printing - just add scissors. For those who communicate their innermost yearnings via email attachments, we also offer heartfelt JPGs. And if none of the 2011 models push your love buttons, our 2008, 2009, and 2010 Woot Valentines are still every bit as current as when we released them (except for the one about Conan O'Brien). Ha-P V-Day 2 U!

After you give them, let us know: who's the lucky lifeform who received your Woot Valentines? And do you still have a relationship with them?

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Friday, February 12

Be Our Valentine, Print Our Valentines

by Matthew Norman

We love Valentine’s Day, don’t you? It’s that one special day we set aside every year just to tell that special someone: “I love you.” And maybe also to tell that special someone’s creepy roommate: “You, not so much. Please stop ‘accidentally’ walking in on me while I’m showering.”

Being the soft-hearted romantic types we are, nothing riles us up more than seeing capitalist swine try to exploit the holiday for a quick buck. (Or are we supposed to believe it’s just a coincidence that they jacked up the price of plush bears at the filling station this month?)

In the spirit of St Valentine, whoever he was, we say screw that. Love was meant to be free. That’s why, for the third consecutive year, we’re giving away original Valentine’s Day cards for you to download, print, and give away to as many sweeties as you’ve got the ink cartridges to support.

As always, our PDF u-print-em Valentines come in two flavors, “Bitter” and “Sweet,” so even if you’re not in the mood to spread the love, you can still spread something.


If you're the type who won't click on PDFs because you can't stand the sight of that Acrobat guy, see below for all eight Valentines in convenient JPG form...

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Friday, February 13

Be Mine in ‘09: More Free Valentines

For the second year in a row, we present eight original Bitter/Sweet Valentines for free downloading, printing and distribution to the special someones in your wretched lives. What better way could there be to say “I love you” with a strong subtext of “and I’m a cheapskate?”



Whether your Valentine’s Day is shaping up like a heartwarming romantic comedy or a bone-chilling tale of horror, we’ve got the right cards for the occasion. Just open these PDFs, print ‘em out, cut ‘em up, and shower the people you love—or loathe—with love—or bile. You know, depending.

Sweet PDF

Bitter PDF

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Wednesday, February 13

Be Our Woot Valentine: Print Our Woot Valentines

by Jason Toon

Sure, you could spend a lot of money for humdrum roses or boring old candy this Valentine's Day. That would certainly require the least effort and make the least waves. If you're the kind of person who likes things dull and predictable, go right ahead and settle for yet another Valentine's Day indistinguishable from the last, or the next.

But if you'd rather make this V-Day a magical occasion your loved one will remember for a lifetime, get ahold of some cardstock. You've got original Woot Valentines to print. Courtesy of Shirt.Woot, these exclusive designs come in Bitter (thumbnailed at left above) and Sweet (at right) flavors, so even the romantically miserable can play along. Just open these PDFs, print them out, cut them up, and let your love flow in the things you do:

Now don't say we never gave you anything. if you'd like to reciprocate, please forward all gifts directly to our headquarters. We prefer cash.

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