Tuesday, October 08

Late Morning: The Woot Talk Show Premieres Today

by Jason Toon

Everything changes today at 10 AM Pacific. Woot presents the premiere episode of Late Morning, the one-hour morning chat show for heavy sleepers, office slackers, and people so cheap and lazy they'd rather watch an amateur video stream than pony up for cable - in other words, our kind of people. Watch it on the Woot front page or on our Ustream channel. But why should you?

Debonaire, seductive host Jason Toon chats with Woot uberhoncho Garth Mader about retail and life, including questions from Woot fans (submit your own in the live chat). Master homemaker Sean Adams demonstrates some kicky craft projects to liven up your home, your van, or the storage space where you illicitly reside in direct violation of your rental agreement. La muy fabulosa Amy Nance dishes on the fiercest fall fashions. And don't miss the product demos, a very special canine guest, and other crappy surprises.

For you greedy viewers, we'll be giving away every product we feature on Late Morning over on the Woot Facebook page. Just give us a "Like", then keep an eye out for the giveaway posts after the broadcast.

That's Late Morning, the only morning talk show produced and presented by unattractive office workers with no broadcast experience. If you have a family emergency or something and you do miss today's episode, we'll do another one on Tuesday, November 12. And nobody can stop us. It's in the Constitution. We checked. See you on Ustream and have a fantastic Late Morning!

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Friday, July 12

Bag of Cake: Get a Piece of Woot's Birthday Action

by Jason Toon

Happy Woot's 9th birthday, y'all! If we could, we'd stop by your desk, cockpit, dugout, lifeguard chair, or clown car and have a piece of cake with you. But any idiot knows that's impossible, so instead, we're inviting you to eat video cake with us in a live stream we're calling Bag of Cake! Here it is right here!

Streaming live video by Ustream

If it's between 9 AM and 5 PM Pacific time, you should be looking at a bonafide Woot staffer eating authentic cake in our lifelike video studio. And if you're extremely lucky, that Woot staffer will show or tell you how to get your hands on our gift to counterintuitive marketing: a Bag of Crap!

Maybe he or she will hold up a sign with a URL on it. Or read a URL aloud. Or give you some other instructions for landing everyone's favorite worthless pile of junk. The point is, these BOC shout-outs could happen at any time throughout the day. Look away at your peril!

The party keeps on going at Shirt.Woot, where we're offering cake-themed shirts at 20% off - including the return of the long-beloved, long-unavailable The Cake is a Liar! Not only do these shirts look great, but they're great for wiping cake off of your mouth with. But don't miss the festivities: this sale ends at 5 PM Pacific.

And whatever happens, we hope you enjoy the Bag of Cake. Staring at strangers eating for hours, just for a chance to buy some worthless castoffs: if there's a better way to sum up these past 9 years of Woot, consider yourselves lucky we didn't think of it!

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Thursday, August 30

Sean University: Video Killed the Conference Room Star

by Sean Adams

Have you ever spent time away from your loved ones and the only way you can see them is by closing your eyes and picturing what they must be doing? Well, I’ve got bad news: those images are often super inaccurate. Like, you picture them looking out the window longingly, awaiting your arrival home, when really they’re probably just sleeping or watching TV or doing something you don’t want to see, like using the bathroom.

Luckily, for businesses that have employees far and wide, there are better tools than the imagination for keeping track of everyone. That’s right: we’re talking about video conferencing! Using two cameras and two screens, you can touch base with your employees face-to-face and make sure they’re getting their work done even if they’re halfway around the world! (IMPORTANT: video conferencing shouldn’t be used for all-the-way around the world employees, because that means they’re right there where you are, and that would just be a waste).

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Thursday, July 12

The Wootathon: 24 Hours of Streaming Video, All Birthday Long

by Jason Toon

Today Woot turns eight years old. If we were a presidential administration, we'd either have to step down or mount a coup. Fortunately, ecommerce/humor sites are not term-limited, so there's no need to call out the tanks today.

When our first deal - a robotic lawnmower - plowed through the overgrown but undernourished weeds of ecommerce on July 12, 2004, we had no idea where it would someday take us. And we especially never imagined anything like the Wootathon. All day today, we're pumping out 24 continuous hours of Woot video, a stream of Woot consciousness the likes of which the world has never seen. Watch it right here:

You'll see plenty of Wootcast classics along with a bunch of new stuff we put together just for the occasion. You'll ooooh. You'll aaaah. You'll probably get bored at some point. We hope you'll eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. And yes, if you watch long enough, you'll see some of the same things a couple of times. Mozart doesn't write a new symphony every time the Vienna Philharmonic plays, does he?

We'll also be gettin' festive up in our Facebook and Twitter feeds today. But the Wootcast is our birthday gift to everybody who has put up with our crap for eight long years. And the best thing about it is, you can't re-gift it back to us no matter how much you hate it. No give-backs! Called it!

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