Wednesday, October 07


Tuesday, May 08

Woot and A.J. Jacobs: Best Friends in Health

by Randall Cleveland

The life of a New York Times best-selling author can be stressful, especially when you're dutifully making appearances on your book tour when you get Shanghaied into appearing on some rinky dink deal-a-day website. But that's just what A.J. Jacobs, author of the new book Drop Dead Healthy, did when he popped into the Woot Writers' Seattle home and talked with Randall Cleveland about his book, worrying, proper pooping techniques, and more. 

In case you haven't seen it already, here's the edited "Part 1" of our conversation with A.J. As a special bonus treat, we present the full, unedited conversation for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 



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Tuesday, April 17

The Real Actual Historical Archive of Real Actual Field Tests

by Matthew Norman

Heads up, Real Actual Field Test fans! You might have missed this weekend's super special bonus Wootcast video. It was hiding out over on the main page of Sellout.Woot, where you probably wouldn't have expected to find an installment of Real Actual Field Tests -- especially on a Saturday! But here's your chance to get caught up. Watch as our Real Actual Field Test team gets "in the mix," heh, heh, with a couple Vortex portable liquid-combiners!

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Monday, October 10

The Full Ken Jennings Wootcast Interview

by Jason Toon

If you watched Ken Jennings open a Bag o' Crap in this week's Wootcast - and if you haven't, why not? - and you were left wanting to hear more about his new book Maphead, his personal cartophilia, and the naughty words he taught his GPS, here's the full interview, recorded at the Wootcast studio (yes, that's a real thing)! And don't forget The Debunker, Ken's weekly column right here on the Woot blog every Tuesday, wherein he tears down the treasured myths most of us live by. If you're not getting your RDA of Ken Jennings, you can't blame Woot.

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Friday, June 03

Video Weird America: Jester What You Always Wanted Edition

by Matthew Norman

Some people do counted cross-stitch. Some paint D&D minis. Woot forum favorite SBCJester21 makes some of the oddest videos ever seen. Conventional wisdom says it’s good to cultivate a hobby, but we think SBCJester might have been wise to consult a lawyer before deciding to take up video-blogging. Imagine what a treasure trove his video archives will make for some prosecutor one day.

You remember the “Inception” video he made, featuring Vladimir the Irradiated Woot Money, right? And his video of Vladimir opening his Bag O’ Crap?

Well, steel yourself for more. Because went about a month ago, SBCJester21 (and Vladimir) to Penguicon, the Detroit area’s premiere sci-f-/Linux crossover convention—and all we got was this strange, strange video. Be warned, parts of it are probably not fit for all workplaces. And all of it will probably warp your brain.

Thanks, SBCJester! Now what about the rest of you weirdos? Taken any videos we should see? (Or any videos we SHOULDN’T?) Tell us about them in the comments below.

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Wednesday, May 25

Mid-Week Ho-Ho-Hoedown: Seven Mood-Enhancing Country Novelty Tunes

by Matthew Norman

There may be no surer way to hoist sagging spirits than to relax with a little lighthearted country music. Just in time to cure the mid-week blues, we’ve assembled this collection of feel-good videos featuring hi-larious hayseeds doin’ their thing. Enjoy!

01. Let’s start with the late, great David “Stringbean” Akeman. I challenge the sourest-puss among you to find a way to fail to enjoy this toe-tapping gut-pluck-a-picker of a number, “Herding Cattle.”

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Wednesday, May 11

Video Weird America: Bug Eye Edition

by Matthew Norman

You probably won’t see anything else on YouTube this week as compelling as Thomas Shahan’s “An Introduction to High-Magnification Macro Photography.” Shahan is an unusual breed of wildlife photographer, capturing gorgeous images of some truly bizarre-looking fauna you might nonetheless have in (or near) your backyard.

He claims the bug-snapping game is more about having persistence than about having high-end gear, but it’s obvious it also helps to have an artistic eye—and Shahan sure does. A gallery of his utterly stunning photos can be found on his site; check it out after you watch this video:

And if you HAVE seen something on YouTube this week that you find more compelling than this, by all means, hip us to it in the comments below.

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Wednesday, January 26

Meet The World's Tallest Michael Jackson Impersonator

by Jason Toon

Today I'm proud to break the next Internet star right here on the Woot blog, and even prouder that he's from my old neighborhood in St. Louis.

I knew this guy as the security guard at our local supermarket - as you'll soon see, he's got the kind of look you notice. All the while, a whole different group of St. Louisans knew him as a karaoke star. This video features almost no singing, but once you get a load of him in action, you'll understand his burgeoning fame. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for John G.

"Beyond the limits of imaginability" indeed! John G's towering presence may remind you of Lurch, but there's no lurching in his slick MJ moves. If I were a Hollywood producer, I'd figure out a way - any way - to get this guy dancing in my next picture. Welcome to the big time, John G! Don't forget the little people at the Loughborough Schnuck's!

(Thanks for the link, Andy S.!)

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Friday, December 17

Incidentally, Metal Scream Parrot Is The Name Of My New Band

by Jason Hinklin-Lauderdale

Personally, I'm with comedian Julia Segal on the subject of parrots, but this video from YouTuber peachy525 proves that, when it comes to talking birds, the possibilities are truly endless.


Yeah, that's pretty cool, but Drowning Pool's "Bodies"? Really? It's decent and all, but maybe I oughta buy today's Woot, a few Norwegian Blues, and teach that bird a thing or two about METAL. \m/ \m/


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Wednesday, December 01

She Shoots! And Scores! And Shoots! And Scores! And Shoots! And Scores! And...

by Jason Toon

Our local WNBA team, the Seattle Storm, is pretty good. But even the reigning league champs might want to track down this anonymous Far Eastern free-throw savant. Gawk in wonder as she sinks over 100 baskets in one minute, with no misses. She might not be signed to a lucrative pro contract yet, but give her another half-hour and she'll own every trinket behind the ticket counter.

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