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Tuesday, July 16

Woot-Libs! A very [spasmodic] Woot-Off

by Sam Kemmis


Remember that game you played as a kid (that we're not able to name directly for trademark reasons) where you'd fill in the blanks with nouns and adjectives and stuff? For this Woot-Off we're asking you, our loyal denizens, to help us craft some writeups in a similar fashion! It's called Woot-Libs, and it's sure to be an [egregious] time! 

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Tuesday, June 18


Tuesday, April 23


by Sam Kemmis

Want to turn your crossword skills into a coveted (for some reason) Bag o' Crap? Then welcome, intrepid cross-linguist, to Crapword Puzzle central! Here you can download the puzzle, follow along with the game, and voice your Huzzays of ecstasy and Dangits of defeat. We'll update it as we go, so check back often for the latest Crapword action highlights. 

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Tuesday, February 19

Cubicle Fever: The Woot-Off That Will Turn Your Desk Into A Home

by Jason Toon

When the days are shortest, but feel the longest... when it's dark when you wake up and dark when you get home... when those partition walls are closing in and you just don't think you can stand another minute... that's when you've got a bad case of Cubicle Fever. It's like cabin fever, but less rustic.

So Woot presents a Woot-Off full of ideas for sprucing up your space, for working over your workstation, for turning your cubicle into a woo-hoobicle - OK, clearly we've been at our desks too long, too.

Anyway, along with a vast array of desk enhancements parading through the Woot-Off, we're also inviting you to submit the saddest cubicle and desk photos so we can help you spruce it up. And over on Facebook, we're giving away actual stuff from our actual desks. Because when Cubicle Fever sets in, you need as many distractions as you can get.

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Tuesday, September 18

The Search for Crapbeard's Treasure: A Woot-Off Treasure Hunt

by Sam Kemmis

Ahoy, matey!

Well this is just great. Your old corsair companion Crapbeard has scattered pieces of his treasure maps across the face of this Woot-Off. Help me piece together my maps, and I'll give ye a share of me ample booty!

Y'harrr. Such a stereotype of a pirate be I. As if the peg leg, eyepatch, and emblematic exclamations weren't enough, now I've gone and scattered my treasure maps across the Seven Seas like some kind of caricature of piracy. Shiver me hackneyed timbers!

Here's how you can help: Scour the horizon for sails. Y'harrr, I mean "sales." If you see the word TREASURE (in all caps! very important!), dig! A piece of my map is buried somewhere underneath, or my name isn't Crapbeard.

There be two maps, each leading to stashes of my namesake treasure; one fer Tuesday, one fer Wednesday. Find them, and ye'll be rich beyond your wildest dreams! (If yer wildest dreams be extremely underwhelming.)


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