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The Debunker: Did All of Custer's Men Die at Little Bighorn?

by Ken Jennings

When most Americans think about American Indians in November, it's probably as part of Thanksgiving pageantry: the Wampanoags who gave the hapless Pilgrims food during their first winter at Plymouth and taught them how to grow corn the following spring, the ninety Indians who attended the "first Thanksgiving" feast in 1621. You may not know that, ever since 1990, November has officially been "Native American Heritage Month" in the United States, a time to recognize "the rich ancestry and traditions" of the nation's first inhabitants. But Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings has some reservations about the accuracy of our Native American knowledge. It's never too late to set the record straight!

The Debunker: Did All of Custer's Men Die at Little Bighorn?

It's hard to say anything about the 1876 U.S. cavalry defeat at Little Bighorn without running afoul of history. General Custer (bzzz!) with his trademark flowing blond hair (bzzz!) led his troops into battle with Sitting Bull's Sioux, only to have his entire 7th Cavalry wiped out (bzzz!) by a Sioux ambush (bzzz!). That's four strikes already.

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