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The Debunker: Are Power Lines Insulated?

by Ken Jennings

In July 1820, Danish scientist Hans Christian Oersted published a groundbreaking pamphlet on the relationship between electric current and magnetic fields, effectively kicking off our modern electric age. You may think about electromagnetism every July when you look at your power bill and see how it spikes when your air conditioner is on. In honor of everyone getting zapped by the electric company this month, we've asked Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings to set us straight on some high-voltage misconceptions about electricity, correcting all of our shocking ignorance. He knows "watts" up. He keeps current.

The Debunker: Are Power Lines Insulated?

If you've ever watched birds sitting idly on power lines, footloose and electrocution-free, you might have inferred that the black coating on the outside of the wires is rubber or some other kind of insulating material. After all, as a nation, we wouldn't be stringing hundreds of thousands of miles of hot electric death across the landscape, would we? Surely we're better than that.

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Monday, July 04

Music Monday: Songs Of Freedom

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! And Happy 4th Of July! Today Scott's gathered some songs about what it means to be free. Join in, if you want. But don't feel forced to. It's all about FREEDOM.

Sam Cooke - A Change Is Gonna Come


Freedom is a weird thing. When you really have it, it's super easy to take for granted. But when you don't have it, or someone takes it, you instantly notice what you're missing. This Sam Cooke song is kind of all about that. It's a feeling that should resonate in every American heart.

More talk of freedom after the jump.

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Live From the Internet: Star Spangled Banner Edition

by Kathleen Richards

Well, well, well, friends. 4th of July is soon upon us and it's time for me to share one of my favorite yearly traditions with you: watching internet videos of people butchering the national anthem.

Yes, our national anthem is a patriotic masterpiece. Yes, it's a beautiful poem and a beautiful piece of music. But it's also very hard to sing and very hard to remember the words to.

Which is great news for those of us who can't get enough of these videos where people can't hit any of the notes or remember any of the words. Let's start off with a classic.


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The Debunker: Was "No Irish Need Apply" a Myth?

by Ken Jennings

Since 2014, June has been Immigrant Heritage Month in the United States, a time for Americans to remember our status as a nation of newcomers. So celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month along with us, until President Trump cancels it! After all, if you're here and you're not fully Native American, we guarantee that either you or an ancestor qualifies! As an extra bonus, we have Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame (and English/Welsh/Scotch-Irish stock) to school us about all the things we thought we knew about our ocean-crossing forebears.

The Debunker: Was "No Irish Need Apply" a Myth?

"I'm a decent boy just landed from the town of Ballyfad,
I want a situation, yes, and I want it very bad.
I have seen employment advertised. 'It's just the thing,' says I,
'But the dirty spalpeen ended with NO IRISH NEED APPLY.'"

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