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The Debunker: Did Immigrants' Names Get Changed at Ellis Island?

by Ken Jennings

Since 2014, June has been Immigrant Heritage Month in the United States, a time for Americans to remember our status as a nation of newcomers. So celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month along with us, until President Trump cancels it! After all, if you're here and you're not fully Native American, we guarantee that either you or an ancestor qualifies! As an extra bonus, we have Ken Jennings of Jeopardy! fame (and English/Welsh/Scotch-Irish stock) to school us about all the things we thought we knew about our ocean-crossing forebears.

The Debunker: Did Immigrants' Names Get Changed at Ellis Island?

American family lore is full of tales of surnames being changed for the New World: Guttmans becoming Goodmans, DiMartinos becoming Martins, Szelbracikowskis becoming Shelbricks. In many accounts, this change is the fault of a clueless or capricious clerk at Ellis Island, like the harried immigration officer who accidentally renames Vito Andolini "Corleone" in The Godfather, Part II when he mistakes the name of Vito's Sicilian village for his surname. Consider the poor immigrants, having given up so many worldly possessions to make it to these shores, who now discovers that they won't even be allowed to keep their last name. Sad!

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Music Monday: Classic Dances

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Throughout the history of rock, pop and etc. there have been an endless number of special dances. Today Scott's recapping just a few of them. Then you can add YOUR favorites as well. So come on, everybody! Let's dance!



This easy-to-learn dance mostly happens above the waist, which is probably why it caught on. Even if you're completely trashed, you can still raise your arms at the right time and get pretty close.

Four more dances coming up. Get with it.

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