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The Debunker: Where Did The Inaccurate Stereotype Of Native American Drunkenness Come From?

by Ken Jennings

When most Americans think about American Indians in November, it's probably as part of Thanksgiving pageantry: the Wampanoags who gave the hapless Pilgrims food during their first winter at Plymouth and taught them how to grow corn the following spring, the ninety Indians who attended the "first Thanksgiving" feast in 1621. You may not know that, ever since 1990, November has officially been "Native American Heritage Month" in the United States, a time to recognize "the rich ancestry and traditions" of the nation's first inhabitants. But Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings has some reservations about the accuracy of our Native American knowledge. It's never too late to set the record straight!

The Debunker: Where Did The Inaccurate Stereotype Of Native American Drinking Even Come From?

The word "firewater," probably a translation from the Ojibwa word for whisky, was popularized by James Fenimore Cooper in The Last of the Mohicans. Like many racist stereotypes of Native Americans, this one was invented by settlers back in the earliest days of the frontier. Most Natives had never previously brewed anything stronger than wine from fruit or a mild beer from corn, so European fur traders found that they could barter more successfully with Native Americans who had been plied with kegs of liquor.

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Music Monday: Ray Charles

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! Today, for a barely-passible reason, Scott's gonna pay tribute to Ray Charles. But let us be honest here, does one really NEED a reason to play a little Ray Charles?

Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind


On November 14th, 1960, this cover went to Number One on the charts. On November 14th, 1961, Ray Charles was arrested on a narcotics charge. Balanced between those two you're looking at the entire story of Ray Charles. Back then maybe it was kind of a scandal. Today it's just something you've gotta expect from a genius. And it's not possible to apply any other word to Ray Charles.

More to come, for which you should all be thankful. IT'S JUST SO GOOD

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