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Woot's Changing The Log In (But Not In A Bad Way)

by Scott Lydon

Hey, guess what? Our little site keeps getting better, and as part of that process, we sometimes have to make some small changes. This time it's to the way you log into your Woot account. It's such a small change you'll barely even feel it, so we wanted to tell you anyway. Ready? Here's the big change: starting 2/18, you'll have to log in with your email address. Yeah, we know. It's barely worth noting, right? So don't panic, your user name isn't going anywhere.

All that's happenin' is that, instead of logging in like this:


You'll be logging in like this:


Simple? Easy? YES! This big change is coming up on 2/18 so you should go ahead and start practicing now. Maybe log in with your email and then race to the forums to say WOO HOO I DID IT or I DID IT... BUT I'M NOT HAPPY I DID or some shade of grey between the two. And if you've got questions, ask away! Maybe one of our mods will notice and have an answer for you!

(PS: please don't try to email Monte, he's very busy and will never check it.)

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The Debunker: Did Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan Swing from Vines?

by Ken Jennings

According to the Chinese zodiac, it's been the "Year of the Goat" since last February, and we're getting pretty tired of the nonstop goat-related festivities. Luckily, the lunar new year this month begins the "Year of the Monkey," so the future looks bright. But Jeopardy!'s Ken Jennings tells us that a lot of stuff we thought we knew about our mischievous treetop friends is just bananas. All month, he'll be here to put a stop to all the monkey business.

The Debunker: Did Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan Swing from Vines?

"Why didn't Tarzan visit Jane?" asks the old joke. "Because her vine was busy." You can tell this is an old joke because it requires knowledge of two things that haven't existed in decades: busy signals, and Tarzan movies. But if we as a culture retain any pre-Disney knowledge of the greatest pulp character in literary history, it's probably this: sometimes he does that yell and swings on those vines. Just like the apes that raised him, right?

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Monday, February 08

Music Monday: Harmonies

by Scott Lydon

Happy Music Monday! It's always neat how different layers can combine to make a greater harmony. Today Scott's looking at some of these layers when they're dissected one by one. You'll catch on pretty quick if you know your music history. Let's begin, shall we?

The Journeymen - Run Maggie Run


In the early '60s, this trio of folk friends formed to harmonize sweetly. Dick, John and Scott put out a few albums and did okay, but never really broke any records or anything. But don't they sound nice? That's harmony right there!

More harmonies to come! Sing along if you wanna!

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