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I got this a while back from Woot! Much better than the free one from ATT Uverse...


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Yep. No DD-WRT.

Check for yourself here:

No OpenWRT either:

Addicted to cycling and gadgets..


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baroldgene wrote:This does not support DD-WRT. Too bad....

If you read through the replies, there have been several posts suggesting that it actually does.
I haven't tried it yet, so I cannot say first-hand. But people seem to disagree with you.

edit: Now I'm not sure what to believe, only one way to find out for sure...try it myself!


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In for one, half the price of Micro Center which is usually cheapest in town.

Time to upgrade on the old one.


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I've had an older one of these (white) for about 2 years and it performs superbly. Most of my devices use the regular wifi, but I've got a wireless bridge set up to use the 5ghz. My TV, PS3, Wii, and SlingBox downstairs from my router are all perfectly happy with the 5ghz. More than enough bandwidth for everyday use.

(Edit: D'oh - I just remembered that mine is a dual-band D-Link DIR-825 with a DAP-1522 dual-band bridge, not Netgear. Please disregard...)


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hekx wrote:
The con is that blinking light is ridiculously big and bright.

the light is a big button. if you press it, it'll turn off.

we use these at work. not bad for the cash.


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bmaragos wrote:I have this and my WiFi cuts out when my house phone is in use. Is it Comcast, or is it the router? Hmmm

If you are using a cordless phone it uses the same Frequency as wireless b/g - 2.4 Ghz. If you can try using wireless a.


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I'm looking for setup advice.

I intend to use the Guest Network feature and leave it without WEP or WPA. I want to set up this SSID only to be restricted by MAC address. My main network will be WPA and I don't want it to be MAC address restricted.

Can I do this? The manual isn't clear about this from what I read. Has anyone done this?


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Cant wait to go wireless again. What a great deal!