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And we're back! Sorry for the unannounced week off, but my sister was visiting from out of town and I decided to burn a vacation day. So here we go again with The United States of Songs, my attempt to put a song to every state in the union. This week we're heading down to Tennessee!

The state: Tennessee

The song: "Tennessee Homesick Blues" by Dolly Parton



I've visited the Volunteer State more than a few times. It was just far enough away from St. Louis to make a great weekend trip, and there was always a music festival of some kind or another going on in Memphis. It's really not all that different from Missouri or Southern Illinois: gentle hills, a muddy river, some C-list metropolitan areas, and lots of agriculture and parks around in the rural parts. But Memphis is the difference maker: Elvis, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and of course Dolly Parton are just some of the names to come out of Memphis. 


Carmack Statue -- Tennessee State Capitol Building Nashville (TN) 2011
To say nothing of their statues.


Aside from the music, there's...uh, the Appalachian Trail! A part of it, any way. My wife aspires to hike the whole thing so I expect to one day die there. As for the song, I realize Dolly's not everyone's cup of tea, but when it comes to Tennessee pride you can't get much prouder. And I feel like Tennessee...ans have that sort of Southern Pride that just calls for a song to declare just how every other place that's not home pales in comparison. 

Tennessee, I like your song. Let me know what you think in the comments below, and feel free to suggest a song for next week when we tackle Texas!

Runner-Up: "Tennessee" by Arrested Development
Most Laughable Suggestion: "Grits" by Tennessee Bwoys


Flickr photo Carmack Statue by Ron Cogswell used under a Creative Commons License.


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Good choice.

Dolly didn't arrive on the country music scene via Sun Records in Memphis like the other legends you mentioned...she's an east TN girl from Sevierville, near Knoxville.

Middle TN (plateau) and East TN (valley between the plateau and western edge of the Appalachian mountains) are very different from Memphis' Mississippi delta...though all have their appeal. Glad you had a chance to spend some time here.


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I'm an East Tennessee boy (Chattanooga), and it's much different country in these parts. The hills are less gentle, the people more gentle, and guns pretty much everywhere. I love this place.

That said, I hate this state's music. All of it.


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I'm from Middle TN, Nashville area, and I think it's nice here.


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No Rocky Top love?



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Nope. Nor should there be.

Good ole Rotten Crotch. Rotten Crotch Tennessee.


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The statues are nice and impressive.Great.