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My first one!!! yes!!


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I got my first Bundle of Cornucopias. FINALLY


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bags of crap are craps of bags

its rigged, has to be


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I watched for this all day and when it went to the crap, I got kicked out and couldn't get back in...good things do not come to those of us who wait and wait and wait...


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Nooooooo I leave Woot for 15 min to walk from one building to another and a random crap shows up! I've been constantly F5-ing on Woot ever since this Woot-off started! Gahhh...!!!


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Finally!!! my life is now complete. Big Oven-roasted Critter you make me happy


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I am sorry for those who did not get one


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Woot Gods you suck!
Once again you let me down


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I think the Woot staff are watching me... seems they wait to put up the Bundle of Cornucopias until I head home from work...


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I got failed connection server, and was distressed but then check my email and the covetted order confirmation was there. life is good.


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I'm so depressed I didn't get a Big Oven-roasted Critter.


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Well that was fun.

Now for some work - a spirit banishing in 5 minutes.


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whine, cry & moan. hit the final stoopid gold button and THIS ITEM IS SOLD OUT!!!!!!!! I spit at you woot! gods!!!!!


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got booted out on cc page, not really disappointed tho, got one last time and it really was a Big Oven-roasted Critter, anyone one want a calendar up in dec 2010 or a golf baseball hat let me know..


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My first Big Oven-roasted Critter on its way to me! Thank you Woot!


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First Big Oven-roasted Critter! Yay!


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tigman wrote:The wootalyzer was of no help this time. Congrats to those that scored!

Wootalyzer didn't alert for me until the event was almost over. was closer, but I'd already clicked I Want One in my F5'ed Firefox window before Wooters alerted so this one is completely honest.

For me, Wootalyzer has lagged to the point of being worthless for almost two years now.

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Game Over


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meganlynn09 wrote:I got one on my first try!! It's a Christmas Miracle! :-)

Technically, today it's a Hanukkah miracle.


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mrglenasmith wrote:Its a poorly managed business to have squillions of people watching your site for 36 hours straight, eagerly waiting to purchase items that are mostly not sellable on the off chance that they get one of a few bonus gifts?

I guess you are right, they should have elebbenty times the bandwidth needed 99% of the time just so during the 5 minutes of peak bandwidth per month - you can get a "This Item is Sold Out" message 1 minute faster.

I didn't get one this time either - But I had fun tryin.

Now that's funny!!! It's taken me a year and a I can hurry up and wait for my stanktastic bundle o' whatchamacallits!!


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yippee! 4 years of trying... I got my Big Oven-roasted Critter. I feel everyone's pain that didn't get one... but I'm so happy.


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Now that this is gone, what are we supposed to do with the rest of the day? At lease I had a reason to be awake before.


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I got some crap! Ir's a job but I made it. Need a lot of luck.


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Woo Hoo! My fourth Big Oven-roasted Critter this year!!!


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I got it!


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today I am the happiest girl in the world! )) I've been trying to get a Big Oven-roasted Critter for years... FINALLY I got one!! I don't know how I'm going to be able to concentrate while studying for this exam I have tomorrow... Or for finals either considering I'll probably still be waiting for the Big Oven-roasted Critter to arrive at my doorstep! what a happy holiday surprise.

I feel for those who weren't so lucky but I never thought I would get one and finally did today so don't give up!


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This page cannot be displayed


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wallsg wrote:Got one. I was switching between Chrome and Firefox F5'ing away when the coffee maker sold out. Got the BOC page on both, and got the order through on Firefox (though the confirm screen never came back).

I F5'ed Chrome a couple of times but it didn't get through until the sale was over, giving me the twin error messages of "Sold Out" and "Already Purchased" (the latter is one that you want to see).

All of my Craps are via Firefox.

I had the same experience. I clicked on Chrome first to buy one (wife's account) and then on Firefox (my account). Chrome got me to the purchase screen first by a large margin but Firefox got me to the stupidly large button and made the sale. Chrome was still spinning its wheels trying to load the confirmation page when it sold out. Weird.

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Yay my first Braxton Ovarian Cyst! At least I didn't get buttafuoco'd again.


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elangomatt wrote:Way way too long, usually everything from the wootoff ships, plus the stuff from the few days after the wootoff. Bundle of Cornucopias takes another few days after that to ship. Oh and then it is shipped smartpost of course, so who knows how long it gets shuttled around in the FedEx system. But the wait for the Bundle of Cornucopias to be on your doorstep is most of the fun!

Thanks! I hope it's less than 2 weeks but I'm guessing it's not. It's gonna come to my dorm while I'm on break I guess, since I didn't want to risk changing the address and missing it. Extra waiting for me D;


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Got it yeah!! Finally my first crap ever! Thanks Woot!!


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Right there when the deal popped up, hit the "I want one" button and waited, and waited, and waited, . . . finally said I got one, filled out payment info, and boom Item sold out. I hope someone enjoys the bargain they screwed me out of! Color me slightly irritated!


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My Second Biopsy of Cannonballs! Horrah!


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First Bundle of Cornucopias! Yeah let's hope it's good! Woot woot!


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Woot! gods deliverith Bundle of Cornucopias!!!


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Maybe I'm just bitter about getting to the click to pay, after minutes of loading, only to have small red letters tell me "this item is sold out", but you would think that after such a big server crash at the beginning of a Woot Off Amazon would actually fix the issue, not patch together some Win2000 servers.... IMHO


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Got my first one. Yay!


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My "SIXYEARS" coupon was rejected, saying coupon doesn't work!!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!


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queenangelfish wrote:Ever notice how the same people seem to repeatedly get one? And the same people NEVER get one! I think they should restrict each account to only one Bundle of Cornucopias per YEAR, and let the rest of us have a chance at JUST ONE!!!!

I couldn't agree more. Also, they should definitely restrict each physical address to only one Random Crap per Woot-Off, if not one per year.

Also, this whole "waiting 15 minutes to find out I didn't get one" game is really aggravating. If it only took a minute, I would still be disappointed, but at least I wouldn't have spent such a long time waiting in vain.


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sully51 wrote:I FINALLY GOT A Bundle of Cornucopias!! WOOOHOOO!

It took me 2 years and watching 12 Banjos of Consternation come and go, but I finally got one. To everyone out there, don't let Woot-Offs rule your life, and I seem to remember them putting one up for Christmas.


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cdbobby wrote:I got some crap! Ir's a job but I made it. Need a lot of luck.

I got some crap!

But I ain't got no paper...

(anyone remember that one?)