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We won't be around for our traditional Music Monday (we're sleeping in!) so let's do something now, shall we? Let's celebrate the holiday with a recap of the Monopoly-with-the-family of songs, The Twelve Days Of Christmas. You all know the words, right? Or at least the words up to six? We understand, the lords-a-leaping always blur with the ladies dancing for us, too. But here's a nice one to get us all started. Straight from the golden days of the VCR, too. That late 70's blur should look great on your HD monitors.

John Denver And The Muppets





Got all that memorized? Because after the jump, we've got a collection of the lovely and the strange. Please enjoy our recap of the Twelve Days of Christmases... and hey, happy holidays!

The nice thing about Twelve Days is that it's so easy to do well, no matter if it's straight or parody. Everyone knows the tune, and what sub-culture doesn't like gifts? Which could be why Twisted Sister felt so comfortable recording this:

Twisted Sister - Heavy Metal Christmas




Not that the list of presents aren't perfect for a Twisted Sister fan. A tattoo of Ozzy seems more useful than some dumb old partridge anyway. Do you really want a pear tree in your apartment? How do you even wrap that?

On the other side of Twelve Days are the people who just want to showboat. Radio show A Prairie Home Companion boasted one of the very best soundmen until his passing in October. Here's his sound-effect heavy take below.

A Prairie Home Companion - Twelve Days Of Christmas




Even if the show isn't your cup of tea, you gotta admit, the guy had one of the best chicken voices in the business.

Naturally, if you think comedy, you think of Bob and Doug McKenzie's Canadian 12 Days. This song gets all the radio play for just a few weeks every year, and does it ever get old? Well, yes, but hearing it come back is like meeting an old friend. We sure can't skip it now.

Bob And Doug McKenzie - Twelve Days Of Christmas




Ah, the classics. With each new decade, some junior high school kid hears it for the very first time... and the tradition continues on.

But that's not even all! We found a Belle and Sebastian version, a Twin Peaks version, we even found a GG Allin version (we're not gonna link that, no way.) And surely there's more, right? Give us a yell in the comments if you know any good Twelve Days Of Christmas versions we missed.

Meanwhile you can join us (Friday only) in our special Holiday Turntable FM room and we hope you get everything you want for Christmas! Or that you got everything you wanted for Hanukkah! Or that your Kwanzaa setup is going smoothly! Or that... boy, there sure are a roadblock of holidays in December, aren't there? Maybe we'll just say "Have a good weekend" and call it even.

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The Muppet's version of 12 days of Christmas is one of my all time favorite Christmas Songs.


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I'd put a vote in for the Exceptionally NSFW 12 Days by John Valby. No I am not going to link it either.

just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you


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One of the best versions I've seen in the last few years was done by Straight No Chaser.



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RIP Tom Keith (the dude in the prairie Home Companion picture) he will be missed.