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radi0j0hn wrote:This may be interesting:

"The San Antonio Zoo in Texas lost 21 birds in an outdoor aviary awhile back. Their death was caused when the birds gathered by lights that the zoo had installed so that the birds could warm themselves in an outdoor aviary. The bulbs had been coated with PTFE"

If, when overheated, it can knock a parrot off it's perch, do you really want to use it and breath it as well?

(I guess it's your bloodstream, so you can do to it as you wish.)

It's funny how none of the sites that mention this about the San Antonio zoo are actual news sites, and they all use almost exactly the same warning. They've been copying each other, but I'd like to see a real source, like a San Antonio newspaper. I'd also like to see an actual date, or even a year. "awhile back" doesn't cut it.

The not-so-secret way to safely use PTFE-coated pans is to not overheat them. Then no gas comes off them.

The substance itself is inert. If it chips and you swallow some it those chips will eventually come out unchained.

I'm not a fan of having a non-stick coating (or plastic handles) on every piece of cookware, since it limit usefulness, but a single non-stick pan is great for omelets and crepes and other things that can often stick.

I prefer a cast iron or stainless surface for most things. A little sticking is a good thing for making pan sauces, most foods (other than eggs) will release for a pan after initially sticking, and it's not that hard to clean things that aren't non-stick.

Edit: and I am certainly not going to take a site devoted to starlings seriously. Starlings are an invasive animal that displaces native birds. A pox on them.


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tglit76 wrote:I bought a food processor and a rice cooker at the same time. We make rice almost every day.

If you cook rice every day, have you considered getting a nice Japanese cooker, like a Tiger, Sanyo, or Zojirushi? I really love my Zojirushi, but they all get good reviews.


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I just got my set in the mail today. I couldn't be any happier! <3 They are wonderful! Well worth the money and such an awesome deal!