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mrsly69 wrote:Ditto.... People please look for made in USA

Unfortunately, people don't have the choice to choose made from USA or they would. It's the company like Woot! that forces it upon you. If they offered a USA version at this price people would buy it.

Since it came from China, it makes no difference except we know we're taking the risk of lower build quality and harsh chemicals.

Do the people that buy things from Woot! care? No...they only care about getting something for nothing. There are even Woot! addicts that will buy something just because they think they are getting an exclusive deal on Woot!

That used to be the case, but really...not anymore. I think they might have lied or came very close to the original market price for many of the items they posted here. Is that bad, least you can find them all in one spot, you don't have to go searching around for them.


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Starblind wrote:Just what I need as May turns to June: something incredibly warm for my bed!

You must be from Seattle... March and April warmer than May, and next up is Juneuary... brrrrrrrrr


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Well, I received my first package today. It was shipped in a bag and has what looks like truck tracks on it. I'm thinking it was ran over by a forklift, but its anyone's guess what it was. I'm glad it wasn't something breakable. The other package is scheduled for next Tuesday delivery. You'd think that they'd ship them all at the same time but that's what I get for thinking

Keep on Wooting !!!


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Got my full and king comforters in the mail yesterday in one package.

Slept with it yesterday--it's comfortable and I like it.