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[quote postid="5453388" user="papernoose"]I would like to add that this TENS unit is a piece of garbage.
-- you seem to be the only person who dislikes this thing. I bought 3 several months ago and have given 2 of them as gifts after people tried them and asked to buy them from me! By the way, don't be surprised if the "$200" one from your caring provider was purchased for $20. Cheers!


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autoshoes wrote:I've got a question for those who've gotten this before.

Does this come with any kind of case or anything to store it in?
How do you store your unit when not in use?

This does not come with a case, i just store it in the original box.

I hate polyester sheets!
Deceptacon Rock


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I purchased this right before Christmas (from Woot) and could not be happier!
I spent yesterday on the tractor all day (planting season here) and came home with a pulled shoulder - 20 minutes using this and I felt no more "ouch" when I raised my arm. Slept like a baby all night.
I love mine!


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I bought one of these about a year ago from woot! and my husband and I both love it. We have both made good use of it in that time, and have been grateful for how it has gotten us back on our feet after aggravating our backs.


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wvmtneer wrote:Is there a prohibition for use if I have a pacemaker?

do NOT use this if you have a pacemaker!!!


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Anyone have success using one of these units for sciatic pain?


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blissful0ne wrote:May sound weird to some, but... Is this safe to use as a sex toy?

My girlfriend and I have tried variations on that theme with the one I purchased last month.
The short answer is... no.
There is really no sensation when applied on or near the mommy/daddy parts.
The closest we came was to apply one of the leads to her, and the other to me, and to then turn it on when we... ummm... "completed the circuit"... but even then, it was just a week tingle at the pads, and didn't really do anything that made it special, other than to make us nervous about what would happen if we happened to break/remake the connection... the thought of a low-voltage shock was more of a mood killer than anything.

But now... if Woot ever decided to add an "adult" tab to the product offerings...


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papernoose wrote:I would like to add that this TENS unit is a piece of garbage. With that said, it is 'better than nothing'. I bought this on another site about a year ago for a total of $27 shipped. If you have ever visited a physical therapist or chiropractor then you are familiar with their $200+ TENS systems which is magnificent. This is probably just a matter of getting what you pay for, but I believe this goes up to a 10 level, however, I can barely tap it to get it to level 1 (a small step up from the on switch) and it shocks the crap out of me. I have read that when the pads go bad this could happen, however, this product has felt this way from day one. I ended up buy another brand that is made better. I still have this and use it from time to time but I would recommend holding out for one that is a little bit more expensive, you get what you pay for.

If you are all fired-up about the old "you get what you pay for"; then, I must ask, WHY the heck are you on WOOT?????


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Has anybody tried using this for knee pain? I'm thinking especially the muscles just above and below the knee.


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Very good product. I used it post-surgery for my shoulder, and it really helped. And at a great price..

...i remain, he who remains to be...



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alittlebitnormal wrote:Anyone have success using one of these units for sciatic pain?

I've used my four-channel TENS on two friends for sciatic pain. It worked on one, but my other friend (who is quite obese) has too much tissue between her skin and muscles in order for it to do any good.

In other words, it depends on BMI, to put it politely.


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blissful0ne wrote:May sound weird to some, but... Is this safe to use as a sex toy?

Yes, it is, but you will want to use different electrodes. Google "electrosex" or "e-stim" if that's your thing.


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Going to give it a try for my shoulder's tendonitis. Hopefully I didn't waste $20. I'm not expecting it to cure it, but a little relief would be nice.


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Just bought another one. they work great. Now we have to pay taxes on here, F_CK the tax. The goverment misspends the money that we give them now. Thats why they want more!


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Bought two the last time it was on Woot. I already have an older unit which I bought for knee pain that has many more settings and the ability to program your own settings. First of all out of the box the leads are very difficult to insert in the pads. As if the holes in the pads are too small, but if you use a good deal of force they will go in. Tried the leads in some of the pads for my old unit and they fit fine. The leads are longer than the ones that came with my older unit, which is convenient as it is easier to place the pads with them attached to the unit and also to move around if you are doing something while using the unit. The leads will not interchange with the ones on my old unit which was disappointing. I am using the Prospera now on my shoulders as I just got done mowing the lawn and was feeling some strain in them. When I got it out I noticed the controls were still set at ten and the batteries were dead. I don't know if this is because the unit does not shut power off completely when it is through a 15 minute use cycle or the batteries are just crap as some people have stated. Anyway I will make sure to turn the dials to off from now on. Definitely not as strong as my old unit which I have had about three years now. I saw someone say pads were available on Amazon for $33. I just ordered 40 pads on Amazon and they were less than $16. Also if you think this is something you are going to use from now on you should get the Parker Spectra 360 electrode gel. An 8.5 ounce tube is around $5 on Amazon it extends the life of your electrodes and makes for a snap free contact with your skin. Just a couple of lines on the contact surface of the pad and spread it out with your finger. Just enough to get an even coating. There is information available on the web for cleaning the electrode contact surface to extend their life and even good information in the reviews on Amazon for the various products. Bottom line it works and may be a good starter unit for someone. Don't be disappointed if you don't find relief. You may need a stronger unit, you may need to learn more about where to place the pads as placement can make a lot of difference. While I find the Prospera relief less than my old unit it does help. With my old unit I can get lower back pain relief lasting one to three days. So keep experimenting and learning. Good luck!


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Buy some Tac Gel or equivalent and pads last longer.


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Which pads would be best for bicep/tricep?


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Great item, helps relax my back (Herniated disk @ L5) and works wonders on my neck & shoulders.

They sell replacement pads on Amazon,40 pads for $ 18.00.

They also sell a long pad to put on your spine.


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I love mine. I use it on some active trigger points (knots) in my upper back, neck, and shoulders. It helps a ton! So much better than just heat and massage. I have a chronic muscle condition that causes me to be very easily injured and have very tense muscles. My primary care Dr. and PT have both recommended regular TENS therapy and this cheap unit fits the bill. Somebody has probably already mentioned it but it's worth repeating that if you clean your skin with rubbing alcohol prior to use and store the pads in a plastic baggie the pads will last quite a long time.


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autoshoes wrote:I've got a question for those who've gotten this before.

Does this come with any kind of case or anything to store it in?
How do you store your unit when not in use?

It does not come with a case, but it's still quite portable. I put the pads and cords into a quart size, zip-lock type bag. I tuck this and the controller thingy into my work bag. It's fairly compact.
I love this thing! The only thing I wish was different - if you aren't careful when picking up the controller, you can accidentally move the little dials to a higher setting. Yikes!


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Hello all. I am the original 'bad experience' comment. After coming back and reading through all the others, I am starting to think that I might just have a bunk one

With that said I also wanted to say a few other things. 1) When I mentioned that the PT's are selling them from $200, this is correct. However, I have never seen or used those so therefore yes they are probably selling these small handheld units. Also, I have seen these sell in the past for around $50 which would make sense that they would be resold in an office for $200. 2) I did ask at my chiropractor about theirs and what they use (which is AMAZING and none of these cheap products can ever compare) sells in the $4K range. You can see a professional one here http://minnesotamedical.com/minnesotamedical/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=55_40&products_id=139&zenid=hrfb0oue6nfd7fnt1pa1ci7sa1. Ultrasound/TENS unit all in one. My PT uses a different type (which does not seem to go as deep in the tissue and is more comparable to the hand held cheapo's) which can be viewed here: http://www.chattmed.com/. Just some knowledge for ya... we definitely get what we pay for ($20 vs $4K). I am going to take one commentor's suggestion though and order some larger pads to see if mine works better.

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." - Eleanor Roosevelt


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This came Wednesday and I LOVE IT! took others advice & put in my own batteries. I have neck & back problems thanks to herniated discs & this little guy is amazing for working out the muscle kinks! If you apply a heating pad over where you put the pads, it works even better! (tip from my PT)